120 HP van with electric drop down bed and XXL holder

120 HP van with electric drop down bed and XXL holder

Under a rather barbaric name, the Bavarian van K633M is a synthesis of a well-designed recreational vehicle. Clever layout, well-equipped, XXL cargo volume, this leisure vehicle has it all. Except for its price.

No storefronts

You don’t need too much! Throwing in smoke and mirrors by overfitting a leisure vehicle but stuffing it so much that living space becomes scarce is a mistake Bavaria didn’t make with its K633M. On the contrary, it is a place dedicated to the inner volume that is a favorite herewhich makes this equipped van a champion of design, a champion of in-vehicle life for passengers and their luggage.

For two, but also for four

With more than respectable ratings for the category 6.36 m long, 2.79 m high and 2.05 m wide, the Bavaria camper is not a whipper. Recreational vehicle based on the standard Fiat Ducato 2.2 120 HP chassis. Upon entering, the living room has a bench facing the road (90x50cm) for two passengersto which the reinforcement of swiveling “cabin” seats will allow four people to enjoy a meal around a retractable table.

All-in-one bathroom

With a wheelbase of 4,035 m, the passenger compartment of the van delivers a very classic kitchen unit consisting of a tank, a stove two gas burners with piezo ignition and a compression cooler with a volume of 90l, under which a sliding worktop is located. In terms of storage, it’s an Arcole with large cupboards and drawers with dampers at the end of the run and an integrated waste bin. The bathroom area brings everything together in one place: slide-mounted Thetford cassette toilet, wash basin and shower cubicle. A 28×28 skylight, a small pantry, a small sink and a mirror are also included.

Bavaria K633M: easily equipped, well equipped van with XXL handle
Bavaria K633M: easily equipped, well equipped van with XXL handle© Bavaria

The real difference is in the bed!

Last but not least, the K633M is at the back which makes a difference with its bed whose height is electrically adjustable on two levels. A very generous bed almost 2 m long and 1.48 m wide! Full width bed, effortlessly adjustable and even retractable. The result is bedding that adapts to the volume of the load to release XXL hold allowing, in the best case, the transport of bicycles, motorcycles, Norman wardrobes… Say a little about the price of the Bavaria K633M in the end, the only real false note, that is sold from €71,900. A model whose price, like those charged by the competition, has literally skyrocketed in the past 12 months!

Posted on 07/12/2022 Updated 07/12/2022

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