200 workers on strike at Rapid in Mayenne, the movement continues on Tuesday

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Motorhome manufacturer Rapido in Mayenne is working slowly. According to the CGT, 200 employees went on strike on Monday, almost half of the workforce. They are seeking a 7% across-the-board pay rise on January 1, 2023, following a 2% increase in July.

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The management proposed this at the mandatory annual negotiations a few days ago. A 4.5% increase in January with individual increases of 1%. Inadmissible for employees mobilized in front of the company headquarters. Well wrapped, with gloves and hats, dozens of strikers are waiting for the outcome of negotiations between the management and the union.

The end of the month is still difficult

Sandrine has been working for Rapido carpentry for almost 5 years. The 2% increase in July was never noticeable to her. “We saw no difference. 2% is nothing with the price of diesel which has gone up or even recreation centers, canteens. There is nothing that increases both. We have to constantly count in order to live decently and make our children happy. Especially since the holidays are approaching“, says this employee.

If there is ever no general increase on January 1, Yannick doesn’t see how the company will be able to turn itself around. “I think that there is a majority here who will not be able to fill up gas until the fifteenth of the month to come to work. We only wonder what to live on. We are not asking for a €1,000 raise. It’s just missing enough to make ends meet“he complains.

Continuation of negotiations on Tuesday

Inflation aside, unions say Rapido is doing well. Employees are therefore also entitled to their share of the pie for Franck Bellayer-Pouteau, secretary of the company’s CGT section. “We also want to have a share in our fees that increase accordingly, that is, that the numbers are good. Business brings money. yes us too we want to make money. We don’t just want to adjust for inflation“. After two meetings between management and the union, the strike action continues on Tuesday. Negotiations should resume in the morning.

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