3 unstoppable tips from a flight attendant

3 unstoppable tips from a flight attendant

Former flight attendant, Kat Kamalani, worked as a flight crew member for 6 years. Today, she shares her advice and her experience in the form of “tip” videos on her TikTok account, which has nearly a million subscribers.

On November 29, she released a new video that netizens are loving, in which she lists three valuable tips for taking food with you on a plane trip: “I do this every time I travel with my family,” assures the former flight attendant.

It is true that not all passengers necessarily know that food is tolerated on the plane, provided that they do not carry any liquid unless it is baby food.

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The airline’s policy is not so strict in this matter: passengers are free to bring a sandwich, chocolate or even cheese in their hand luggage, especially if they have doubts about the quality of the meal that will be served to them.

Luggage tip on the plane: bring a cool bag

Kata’s first trick is to equip yourself with a waterproof and insulated bag to store the food you want to take with you during the flight, in complete safety. “It’s practical with its multiple pockets, but above all with an insulated side that allows you to store food,” she explains, showing her bag, which has become a travel essential she can no longer live without. Then he describes in detail everything he puts inside.


Seriously, this is a game changer! Especially the last one with your bottle.

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An American mother presents a container she cleaned and recycled to put the watermelon into pieces: “I cut up my fruit or vegetables and put them in here,” she says. An ingenious way to offer your children refreshing fruit during the summer and a good alternative to industrial cakes.

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The former flight attendant then shows off the frozen burritos, Mexican sandwiches very well known in the United States, that she carries in her insulated bag on every trip: “When you get to your destination, all you have to do is take them out of the freezer and you have your lunch or dinner! “. It’s true that when you arrive from a long trip, you’re often too tired to leave your hotel room to eat.

Finally, one last pro tip: repurpose the flask or insulated cup that tea or coffee is usually transported in to store “protein balls,” in other words, a healthy snack to snack on. You can then continue using the bottle by filling it with water.

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