4 survival courses in Paris

4 survival courses in Paris

Do you want to learn to navigate yourself in the middle of nature and surpass yourself? Discover the best survival courses in Paris!

real experience, survival courses they represent incredible opportunities to surpass yourself, to learn more about yourself and to develop useful outdoor skills. Thus they mix sport, adventure, emotions and immersion. To conduct a survival course, it is better to contact a specialized agency. You will not only benefit from the supervision of professionals who will teach you how to survive in the middle of nature, in complete safety. Prepare them survival blankets, walking shoes and challenge your resistance and stress management!

In Île-de-France, many organizations organize survival courses for all levels. Then you will have great opportunities to learn how to be as independent as possible in a natural environment. This fun activity is practiced in groups, with friends, family and even among colleagues for team building. We offer you the best survival courses, available to everyone in Paris:

Survival in the forest, with a survival course in Essonne

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  • 📍 Venue: Forest of Senart, in Essonne
  • Duration : 2 days
  • 💙 We love : supervision and organization Denis Tribaudeau, a legend on the field

An indisputable figure in the field of survival and self-transcendence, Denis Tribaudeau offers you a two-day course, accessible to everyone. You will evolve into Senart forest in complete immersion and in harmony with nature. With this sensational experience you will learn gestures and basic rules of survival, all while respecting nature.

During this trying experience, you will gain the right reflexes in a survival situation. Your instructor will show you how to navigate emergency situations, anticipate the unexpected and stay calm in all circumstances. For example, it will teach you pack your backpack with the bare minimum. You will also discover how to start a fire without matches, how filter and make water drinkable or even how to build a sustainable shelter.

In addition to learning how to survive outdoors, you gain useful experience in everyday life! In addition to practical skills, you will spend an intense but friendly time with the other participants of this adventure. This activity will be an opportunity to surpass yourself and push your limits. To face your fears, your shortcomings and your fears, trust Denis Tribaudeau for this survival course in Paris.

Survival course in Essonne near Paris

Survival course in Paris 2

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  • 📍 Venue: Maisse, in Essonne
  • Duration : 2 days
  • 💙 We love : a complete experience available to everyone in the heart of nature

In search of sensations, challenge and? Have you always dreamed of learning to survive in the natural environment? Then we can only recommend the complete Time on Target experiences! Located in Esseonne, in Île-de-France, the course takes place over 2 full days.

During these two sensational days you will discover the basics of survival. You will learn how prepare your bag with only the most basic. Your instructors will show you how find water and purify itbut also where to make a shelter as well as bedding, and how to start a fire in extreme conditions. There are no kitchens or supermarkets in nature! To prepare an edible meal, you need to know how to spot plants and learn how to feed yourself. Skills that your instructors will teach you, just like first aid gestures.

Passionate guides will accompany you and teach you all the theory. In a supervised and safe environment, you will push your limits and develop your wilderness survival skills!

Survival and bushcraft course, Seine-et-Marne

Ile de France Survival Course 3

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  • 📍 Venue: Beautheil-Saints, Seine-et-Marne
  • Duration : 2 days
  • 💙 We love : learning bushcraft, the art of living in the forest

This survival course takes place on location Beautheil-Saints, Seine-et-Marne. Ideally located near Paris, you will benefit from the ideal terrain to discover and understand the basics of survival. You will be able to completely surpass yourself and fulfill the sensations in these wonderful conditions!

During this sensational experience, your instructors will teach you skills bushcraft, the art of living in the forest. So on the agenda of this adventure: building a shelter, managing water and fire, orientation and survival techniques, tracking and assembling a survival kit !

You will also learn how to use and especially identify wild plants. Spread over two days, this survival course in Paris will be a great opportunity to test yourself in survival situations, while gaining useful survival skills with your group.

A 2-day survival course near Versailles in the Paris region

Starge survival Ile de France 4

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  • 📍 Venue: Montalet le Bois, in Yvelin
  • Duration : 2 days
  • 💙 We love : learn to hunt and fish for survival

Just one hour from Paris, you’ll enjoy getting back to your roots with this survival course in Montalet le Bois. Like previous experiences, you will spend two days surrounded by nature. A certified and passionate instructor will then teach you how to survive ua European forest. Thus, you will discover the skills necessary for these natural environments: picking, observing the environment, preparing shelter, identifying bivouacs, building fire and traps. Because that is one of the advantages of this course. Your instructor will teach you how to make hunting and fishing tools, basic foraging skills in a survival situation. You will also discover how to orient yourself by the stars at night and the sun by day.

This experience combines sports, adventure and immersion. The supposed goal of this organization is to make you discover for yourself the other, wilder and more primal! This experience will push you to your limits and force you to surpass yourself to discover the unsuspected resources that lie within you.
As a challenge, we can only recommend this survival course around Paris. Come and benefit from the wise advice of a passionate instructor. Learn step by step how to survive in a hostile natural environment. You can also use the fireside moments to ask your instructor questions. You will also benefit from feedback from each of the participants.

This last activity closes our list of 4 survival courses to do in Paris. Are you looking for self-transcendence, challenge and survival? So let yourself be tempted by this kind of extraordinary adventure! If you decide, do not hesitate to share with us your impressions, as well as your choice of survival course from this list.

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