5 crazy sauna experiences in Rovaniemi

5 crazy sauna experiences in Rovaniemi

Are you planning to visit the famous Santa Claus village? Nothing better than saunas in Rovaniemi to warm you up, especially on the coldest days!

The village of Rovaniemi, which is considered the capital of Lapland, is the dream of many of us, especially when the end of the year celebrations are approaching. World famous for what it is Santa’s townthis little corner of northern Finland is also ideal for an experience in the heart of nature, between aurora hunting and winter sports.

But the journey to the level of the Arctic Circle is worth it, and you will have to deal with the winter cold that can reach -16°C. Fortunately, saunas – great pillars of Finnish culture – are massively present there. And to make your sauna even more memorable, Rovaniemi and its surroundings are full of experiences, each more unusual than the other. Follow the guide to discover our 5 favorite activities that you can book without hesitation!

Arctic evening with snow sauna and jacuzzi under the stars

Photo: Musement

  • 📅Period : from November to April
  • ⏱️Duration : until 6 o’clock
  • 💙 We love : an igloo-like sauna, lost in the middle of the forest

Sauna in Rovaniemi ua needle ? In this surprising installation, your experience in the middle of the Finnish forest begins. Listen carefully to hear the walls of ice gently gurgling as the heat of the sauna spreads through your body.

Do you prefer to admire the view of nature? Go relax hot tub, located between the lake and the forest. And don’t forget to look up at the sky to try to see a shooting star or the aurora borealis.

Once this sweet moment of relaxation is over, it’s time to recharge with blueberry wine and a selection of fresh cheeses. A a friendly meal and essential before hiking to the top of Ounasvaara Hill. Located on the heights of Rovaniemi, it offers a beautiful view of the illuminated city; an even more magical spectacle for Christmas, with decorations that transform the city into a fairy-tale village.

Traveling sauna in front of your accommodation

Sauna in Rovaniemi 5

Photo: Musement

  • 📅Period : the whole year
  • ⏱️Duration : 1h30
  • 💙 We love : delivery of the sauna in front of our door, so that you don’t have to move

Do you like your accommodation in Rovaniemi so much that you find it hard to leave? We found the service you need! Make yourself comfortable by the fireplace, make a reservation traveling sauna to discover this Finnish tradition wherever you want.

For less than 100 euros, this small sauna on wheels will be delivered directly to your accommodation. Knocked on your door? You can open it in a towel, because the sauna is already ready for use!

Don’t hesitate to adopt saunavihta, these woven birch branches became available: Finns use them to whip themselves gently (or more vigorously, depending on preference) during saunas to speed up blood circulation. It’s a bit surprising at first, but we promise you’ll soon appreciate the benefits!

Sauna in the arctic forest and jacuzzi under the northern lights

Sauna in Rovaniemi 2

Photo: Viator

  • 📅Period: from October to April
  • ⏱️Duration : 3 hours
  • 💙 We love : watching the northern lights, warm in the sparkling water of the jacuzzi

It is a dream for many travelers who travel through Lapland hoping to admire: aurora borealis they have something magical and unforgettable about them. Illuminating the sky with green (and sometimes purple) rays, these atmospheric phenomena are common around the Arctic Circle. It is therefore not uncommon to see them in Rovaniemi,October until March.

But to enjoy this unique show in the best possible conditions, why not take the opportunity to treat yourself night spa in combination with a swimming in the jacuzzi ? Warm yourself up under the stars, swim in the nearby lake and taste the local specialties provided by the hosts. The perfect program for a moment of relaxation and socializing as a couple or with friends.

A midnight sun sauna experience

Sauna in Rovaniemi 3

Photo: Musement

  • 📅Period: the whole year
  • ⏱️Duration : duration 1h30
  • 💙 We love : the summer discovery of Finnish saunas, under the midnight sun

Far from the Christmas atmosphere so popular in Rovaniemi, the city can also be visited the rest of the year. In the summer, the streets are quieter and the locals – and some tourists – enjoy the ambiance of sunny days that seem to never end.

Indeed, from June to July, this region of the globe is illuminated “midnight Sun“, which is also called “polar day”. During this period, night never falls, and the sky at midnight takes on an orange color worthy of the most beautiful sunsets…

To best appreciate this unique, timeless atmosphere, we advise you to book your sauna experience under the midnight sun. Get to know each other in the heart finnish foresta short drive from Rovaniemi (return trip included), to visit a traditional sauna.

After learning how a Finnish sauna works, relax and let the gentle warmth of the environment envelop your body. When your session is over, take a dip in the lake to cool off before dinner around a traditional Lapland barbecue. What a way to end your day in style!

Panoramic cruise with private sauna on board

Sauna in Rovaniemi 4

Photo: Viator

  • 📅Period: from June to July
  • ⏱️Duration : between 3 and 4 hours
  • 💙 We love : the tranquility of the lake and midnight swimming during the polar day

The midnight sun seduced you, and you want to have an even more unusual experience? Onward sailor! Board a sauna boat unique to cruising 3 to 4 hours on a calm lake. This little corner of paradise, located not far from Rovaniemi, will allow you to admire all the beauty of Finnish nature.

During the walk, alternately in the free time of the sauna session and swimming in ice water Easy. Enough to firm up your skin and give you a good boost! As for transportation, don’t panic: pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Rovaniemi is included in the total price.

Tell us everything: do you prefer a winter sauna, or an unusual experience under the midnight sun? Either way, we can bet that these activities around Rovaniemi will be among your fondest travel memories for a long time!

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