5 favorite motorhome travel destinations

5 favorite motorhome travel destinations

Autonomy and freedom of movement, without renting, the possibility of unlimited free parking, a respectable alternative to traditional hotels: during your vacation, going on a trip in a caravan is definitely the BEST the ultimate flexible solution. You still have to own it… What if, like us, you decide to rent it instead to take advantage of its many benefits? When nomadism is necessary, our team trusts CamperDays, the best platform for renting fully equipped vehicles.

Available from professional rental companies, you can pick up and drop off their campervans around the world. CamperDays relies on a network of more than 300 stations worldwide. His promise? Let you start your trip where you want and end it where you want, all at the best price. Ours? We present you the best destinations that will make your campervan trip an unforgettable odyssey in complete freedom. Let’s go, let’s go on an adventure!

Spain and Portugal, for the sunny discovery of the Iberian Peninsula


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  • 📅 Best period: May June
  • Travel time: between 2 and 3 weeks
  • 💙 We love : generous climate, proximity to French territory

Ole! The Iberian Peninsula is with its sun and its own the sweetness of life any Latin tourist destination of choice. Motorhome owners have realized this and more and more are coming here to afford the vacation of their dreams. With an average price of €115.69 per day, renting a converted vehicle is also quite affordable.

Traveling by motorhome from France involves driving through one of the road crossings located along the border. There are several dozen of them from the Basque Country to Catalonia, more or less visited and easily accessible. We recommend going between late spring and early summer. This period is ideal because it precedes the high tourist season and guarantees the absence of ice and pleasant temperatures.

The advantage of escaping in a rented caravan in the region? You will benefit from a quality road network, a road code similar to ours and generous sunshine. Good news, in Spain the highways are almost free and parking in the resorts is very affordable. A trip of two or three weeks will leave you plenty of time to tour the Iberian Peninsula and discover its treasure. Portugal or Spain, which will you prefer?

Iceland, to admire the fjords and other mysterious landscapes


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  • 📅 Best period: spring
  • Travel time: between 2 and 3 weeks
  • 💙 We love : a territory with enchanting charm, the quality of the road surface

Ah, Iceland… This small volcanic island battered by the waves of the North Atlantic lends itself perfectly to a caravan trip. Iceland offers visitors gorgeous landscapes and many tourist attractions. Good news: Route no. 1, a circular route nicknamed “The Roundabout”, serves almost all of them. It goes around the island and connects the capital with coastal villages for more than 1,330 km.

Fjords, mountains and plateaus pass by us as we progress along this paved and snow-cleared axis of the road very regularly. Don’t worry: as part of your spring stay, you won’t have to suffer through traffic conditions otherwise. The speed limit is set at 90 km/h, which is more than enough to appreciate the fantastic natural surroundings.

Considering Iceland’s very high standard of living, you will enjoy a reasonable average daily price. On average, they will rent you 283.40 euros per day. So this solution is honestly worth exploring in your spare time the mysterious territory of Northern Europe. Best videos? The Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Black Waterfall, Reynisfjara Beach and the stunning Geyser are must-sees.

France, to rediscover the local territory in fashion slow tourism


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  • 📅 Best period: the whole year
  • Travel time: between 2 and 3 weeks
  • 💙 We love : local tourism, easily customizable routes, plenty of CamperDays offers

France by motorhome? A concept rooted in custom and a nice way to (re)discover this beautiful country. France has more than 20,000 kilometers of roads and highways that cross it from one side to the other. This high-quality territorial network in combination with numerous reserved parking spaces constitutes an indisputable tourist asset for discovering the country in nomadic slow tourism.

Organizing a motorcycle trip in France has numerous advantages. In addition to the expected lower budget, access is part local tourism. It is also possible to change the destination or route much more easily without the risk of losing time. In addition, the offer of converted vehicles for rent is more numerous: it is easy to find just the ideal home on wheels!

Whichever month of the year you choose for your trip, a wide selection of landscapes and abundance of interesting locations make it a top tourist destination. Normandy, the Mediterranean or Atlantic coast, mountain ranges, rural plains, villages full of flowers, protected vineyards… You are spoiled for choice. Our advice? Allow two or better, three weeks to fully enjoy it!

New Zealand: wondrous panoramas worthy of Lord of the Rings

new zealand motorhome

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  • 📅 Best period: December-February
  • Travel time: 1 month and more to work on two islands
  • 💙 We love : elevated landscapes, preserved environment

Unbelievable, this a land of fascinating charm which attracts thousands of tourists every year. The untouched nature of its two islands stretches for almost 1,000 km from north to south. Very sparsely populated, the place is the perfect playground for an unforgettable road odyssey. You’ll soon realize it: New Zealand is home to institutions on wheels. Especially since wilderness camping is allowed as long as you rent a “self-contained” vehicle. This term means that your mobile accommodation, autonomous in terms of hygiene, has water supply and a toilet on board.

The special feature of this former English colony? There you drive… on the left, which requires a certain ability to adapt during the first kilometers. However, most of the vehicles on offer are automatic, so you won’t need to shift gears with your left hand. Enjoy the the possibility of picking up the vehicle on one island and returning it to another that I can visit them in detail.

The North Island is known for its volcanoes, natural pools and lush vegetation bordered by white sandy beaches. The South Island, much wilder, intersects the chain of the Southern Alps. Its highest point, Aoraki, rises 3,724 meters above the Tasman Glacier. A good month will be enough for you to observe the wonders of the land from the anchorage of your house on wheels. The marvelous panoramas worthy of Lord of the Ringstrilogy filmed there, they are waiting for you!

California, for the perfect trip across America

california motorhome

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  • 📅 Best period: May June
  • Travel time: at least 2 weeks
  • 💙 We love : the variety of landscapes, the atmosphere of American travel

The highways out of proportion, the sunset on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge, LA and its eccentricities… There is no doubt that in California you are in the process of learning aboutThe American way of life. Traveling by motorhome allows you to visit this delightful state of the USA a wide selection of landscapes. Just imagine, 1,300 km from north to south and 400 km from east to west, there is a lot to do!

California is particularly suitable for a comfortable travel. We will appreciate very wide roads of excellent quality, affordable fuel as well as numerous spaces reserved for campers. This territory has world-famous tourist spots that are easily accessible by large vehicles. In order to easily reach them in cruise mode, we recommend taking a familiar one Pacific Coast Highway. This 1,000 kilometer scenic route hugs the ocean from Leggett in the south to Dana Point in the north. And trust us, it sucks.

For a two-week stay, we suggest going to Yosemite or Sequoia national parks. Death Valley Heat stroke is also worth seeing! – just like the city of San Francisco, the pearl of the “Golden State”. Finally, Hollywood and its Walk of Fame will delight lovers of the 7th art… and shopaholics. Maybe you’ll meet the stars of your dreams there?

Your motor vehicle trip will undoubtedly leave you with wonderful memories. Don’t hesitate to share them with us before you get back behind the wheel for new adventures – in responsible mode, of course. Come on, have a good trip!

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