5 ways to travel cheaper this holiday season…and the rest of the year

5 ways to travel cheaper this holiday season...and the rest of the year

The end of the year is the time when we all think about vacation! We organize Christmas, New Year, we even have a few days off, and even more. We often combine this vacation with family visits, sometimes neglected for a long time. In other cases, on the contrary, we want it to be a moment just for us… In times of inflation, we first of all look for soft solutions for our budget. Lepetitjournal.com/varsovie offers you 5 ways to travel cheaper in December in Poland… and why not, the rest of the year.

  1. Use discount portals

There are various discount portals on the Polish market where you can find the most interesting offers. The most famous are: Groupon (where, apart from the hotel, you will find a bunch of other promotions), A traveler Where Trivernafocused solely on travel.

A traveler Where Triverna they allow you to choose a region, its specificity and even specific dates such as Christmas or New Year.

It is interesting that these portals are no longer limited to Poland, but also offer stays abroad.

– Groupon

– Passenger

– Triverna

  1. Select Gift Portals

Gift portals are another possibility for getting attractive holiday packages. There are several of them, but the most popular among them are:

– Catalog of Presents

– Catalog Marzen

– Present Marzen

They work the same way as Groupon offers many different options, depending on your budget and individual preferences. They are also a mine of gift ideas for your loved ones. They are worth a visit, especially before Christmas.

  1. We invite you to be the hosts

An interesting idea for cheap, but also exciting trips, with a typically Polish portal: Slowhop, whose slogan is ” Holidays begin with the mind. We help you end the relationship. Indeed. »

Here you will find a catalog of guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, agrotourism (or agrotourism) in various regions of Poland:

– Slowhop catalog

– Slow-hop

Here you will find various inspirations with experiments according to your wishes, budget, etc.

Slowhop ideas and inspiration

Practical help is also provided by thematic lists such as ” For dog lovers », « For singles », « slow food “where” Reserved for adults ” etc. It should be noted that slow hop it is also available in English, Czech, Lithuanian, German and Slovenian. Who knows, maybe in the near future in French too?

  1. Be strategic when choosing the dates of your stay

If you dream of a few days off in December, but don’t want to pay too much, bank on less popular dates, such as December 26-30 or the week before Christmas. Usually the hotels there have lower occupancy and try to encourage customers to come in with great rates. In addition to cheaper prices, you will also get an intimate atmosphere, including Christmas decorations! So you can get ready for the nursery in advance or extend it afterwards. You choose!

  1. Check what suits you best: a package or stay alone

For lovers of cheaper travel, we recommend that you pay attention to what is more profitable for you: a package deal or the stay itself.

The first is not always the most favorable. It’s true that you get more “bonus” items, but do you really want to use them all? It’s up to you.

Some packages, for example, are full of attractions for children or additional meals, and on the spot it turns out that your children do not want to use them at all or to eat outside the hotel. In this case, it would be much better to book the stay itself and complete it with what really interests you.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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