A completely successful return for Saint-Martin

A completely successful return for Saint-Martin

After the canceled edition and another organized by the Municipality in a reduced format, the market committee of Saint-Martin decided to give pride of place to the local players. Again, satisfaction is key. “At the market, we tried our best to do regional work and the craftsmen did it very well, the president was delighted. People who come from outside like to discover Jury’s specialties. The streets were full like at a flea market”.

The organizers were also pleased with the flea market organized in Hôtel-Die, in which several local players participated.

A meal always popular

Admittedly, timing played a big role in the market’s success. “We didn’t have a Saint-Martin autumn,” says Sophie Barthod-Gressot. But the weather was dry all weekend. “People are more willing to stay in these conditions.”

As for the Saint-Martin meals organized several times during the weekend at the Salle du Séminaire, they were popular although not all were sold out. “Many people didn’t make a reservation, but came directly on the spot,” rejoices Sophie Barthod-Gressot.

The president of the organizing committee is therefore confident in front of Revir. “For people coming from outside, Saint-Martin is a great novelty and often a great discovery.”

Moreover, the president is happy to receive feedback from visitors. “It often allows us to offer new things, whether it’s musicians or artisans. It often happens that some people contact us afterwards and volunteer to run the shed the following year.”

No problem in rue Pierre-Péquignat

As expected, 51 huts were placed on the streets, five fewer than in 2019. Due to the works, the market did not go down to the bottom of rue Pierre-Péquignat, but visitors could still get to rue Malvoisins near the Hôtel des Halles. All in all, we only had a few small problems, like every year, but nothing major, rejoices Sophie Barthod-Gressot.

friendly ferrets

Saint-Martin is often an opportunity to meet unusual personalities. So are the Mouffettes, a group of 22 Vaudois card players who have come from Nyon to celebrate a bachelor party for a young boy.

With their fluorescent yellow tracksuits, they did not go unnoticed even on Saturday afternoon. “The first time we were in Saint-Martin, one of them slipped on us. We came here because we have a passion for pork. And we also like damask.”

Tour of Jura

These jass regulars dined at the Bruntrutain restaurant on Saturday, where they enjoyed the typical atmosphere. “At the very beginning, we found that the atmosphere was a bit low molatchon (‘soft’ in the Vodoa dialect, says our interlocutor). But soon everyone was singing.”

Passing through Courtételle on Saturday night – “just enough time to see a friend and have a drink” – they will go to Bure for three days to remember military service. They also plan to visit Moutier before joining the Basel region and returning to the Vaud coast on Sunday. “We like this Jura atmosphere,” explains one of the 22 muffets, glass in hand.

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