A man claims he cooked chicken in a coffee machine in his hotel room and has sparked controversy online

A man claims he cooked chicken in a coffee machine in his hotel room and has sparked controversy online

A controversial photo of a chicken breast being cooked in a coffee maker in a hotel room has sparked controversy on LinkedIn and then on Twitter.

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Some time ago, a man named Alexander C. posted the following message on LinkedIn:

“I’m traveling for work and instead of a fancy dinner, I decided to cook a cheaper meal in my hotel room.

Even though the hotel room didn’t have a kitchen, I was able to use the coffee maker to cook butter and garlic chicken.

Although my company allows me to spend on dinner while traveling, I wanted to save because I know that every dollar counts for profit and loss.

It’s the little things that make you better.”

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The whole thing actually came with a picture of chicken, butter and spices in a coffee pot.

Screenshot / LinkedIn

The odd publication made a big impact on the professional social network, accumulating hundreds of comments, but when it was teleported to Twitter, the floodgates of virality opened.

Since then, several users of the Bluebird social network have taken it up, causing comments of all kinds to appear under these multiple posts.

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Some joke about “extreme cooking”.

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Others make other kinds of little jokes.

But very few notice that it originally appeared on a LinkedIn profile that reads “Don’t trust anything I post on this website”) in the “About” section.

The gentleman behind it all, Alex Cohen, is a little comedian who loves to tease on LinkedIn.

Here’s a great internet lesson to remember, folks!

(So ​​that means it’s not true, for those wondering…)

See also on the bag of chips:

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