A six-day trip to Bourges Basket

Un déplacement de six jours pour le Bourges Basket

Once their hard-fought victory (70-74) was won, the Tangos didn’t have to rush to get on their bus to return to Bourges at night, as they do every away game in France. . Élodie Godin and her teammates were able to use their evening in Bigorre to have a good time with their former teammates and friends from the opposing team, such as Isabelle Yacoubou who, unsurprisingly, lacked talent on the court. Or with the family for Pauline Astier’s Tarbaise.

He recovers at best

The next morning, the Tangos could use the morning to sleep and rest. There is no return to Cher on the agenda, but a trip to Valensa, the venue of their next match, on Tuesday night, in the Euroleague. “Since I wasn’t that far from Spain, it was interesting to choose a more relaxing option,” said coach Olivier Lafargue.

In ten days, Tango will join their squad and the club will no longer have control over player fatigue management. In an intense period, where matches are connected every three days, TBB wanted to give them the advantage of a less exhausting option. “Traveling brings a lot of fatigue,” explains Olivier Lafargue. We stand, we wait, it’s not the best for the athletes who have just worked very, very hard. »

Stopover in Bilbao

Recovery happens especially during sleep. And staying in Tarbes overnight from Saturday to Sunday allowed them to sleep in a hotel. “We sleep much better there than if we return home at 6 in the morning, after sleeping on the road, even if the bus is extremely comfortable,” says coach Berruyer.

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After an à la carte morning, which the players could spend at their own pace, they left by bus, after lunch, in the direction of Bilbao. If there was no physical work, each Tango had a report on his Tarbes match. When they arrived, around 5 p.m., which is rare on a trip, they had two hours to visit the city’s Guggenheim Museum, admire its skyscrapers, sea and mountains. From this Monday morning, they fly to Valence. Where will they play, this Tuesday, a difficult and important game.

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