A very senior friendly meal in Saint-Nic – Saint-Nic

A very senior friendly meal in Saint-Nic - Saint-Nic

This year, a meal for the elderly proposed and designed by the members of the municipal center for social action Saint-Nic took place on Sunday October 9, 2022 at the Hôtel-Club de KerBeuz, in Trégarvan.

The meal offered by the municipality is a long-awaited event and is one of the must-see events of autumn. At the opening, the mayor, Annie Kerhascoet, took the floor to discuss the ongoing projects in the municipality and wished everyone to enjoy this moment of fellowship and sharing.

Renée Capiten, known for writing her numerous poems, has given us one of her works “Saint-Nic ce terre en Finistère”.

A particularly warm time for the elders of the city, to meet, talk and pay tribute to the dean Marie-Louise Chapalain and the dean of the congregation, Andre Lefrançois.

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