A young centenarian in Eugénie de Baudel

A young centenarian in Eugénie de Baudel

Thursday 1er December, Chaumontaise Suzanne Vischi celebrated 100 yearse birthday, surrounded by three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Four generations together.

Suzanne, born on December 1, 1922, is the last of five children of the Bonin family, farmers living in the Faubourg de la Maladière in Chaumont. With her husband Aristide Vichy, married in January 1945, they themselves had three children who gave them six grandchildren, and today they have seven great-grandchildren, some far from Chaumont, in Périgord or Garret.

Suzanne has been a widow for 40 years, but it was only in August 2020 that she decided to join the Eugénie-de-Baudel Residence. This home, formerly located in a villa at 12 rue du Palais, moved to new buildings, 3 place Eugène-Grasset, in December 2011. With a capacity of 34 places, Eugénie-de-Baudel welcomes non-medical residents. Suzanne, who still has a chance to be fit and to have “all her wits about her”, shared a meal with her family and received congratulations from director Hugo Petit-Jacques and a staff completely devoted to her.

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