An Alsatian restaurant is controversial because it refuses access to children

An Alsatian restaurant is controversial because it refuses access to children

The facility, which is located in Ribeauville, had been putting up a poster for several days that read “No children. Thank you”, says “Le Parisien”.


An Alsatian restaurant has sparked outrage after it refused access to children during a Christmas market in Ribeauville.  (illustrative image)
An Alsatian restaurant has come under fire for refusing children access to a Christmas market in Ribeauville. (illustrative image)

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Ua poster that did not fail to provoke the indignation of many residents. As reported Parisian, a Christmas market restaurant in the town of Ribeauvillé, Upper Rhine, the locals noticed in a very faint way by putting up a poster that forbids access to the facility for children. “There are no children. Thank you. “, was there before it was removed.

The first to condemn this clumsy initiative was a grandmother who was denied entry with her four-year-old granddaughter. She explains what happened on Facebook. “While we were waiting for half an hour, the waitress explained to us that she could not serve us because we were in the presence of a child. My granddaughter was in tears, and the whole family was in shock. We didn’t see the famous sign on the window,” she calls out on the social network.

His message was widely commented and shared on Facebook. “Forbidding children access to a restaurant is simply discriminatory and illegal. We have to send this pair of owners to an internship if they are not able to resist the pressure,” Jean-Jacques Better, president of the Union of Crafts and Industries of Haut-Rhin, argued in particular.

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“I shouldn’t have put that note on the door”

Faced with the scale of the controversy, restaurant manager Bénédicte Langer responded on Facebook. “There were a lot of people this weekend at the Christmas market. We got fed up and put this word up – she explains, specifying that the plaque was pasted on the front of the building on Sunday morning before being removed on Tuesday. “I shouldn’t have put that note on the door,” laments the restaurateur.

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But Bénédicte Langer didn’t stop there and criticized the presence of children in restaurants as a general rule. “90% of children behave very badly. They are child-kings. They touch everything, shout, run, damage our Christmas decorations, put dirty shoes on the seats. When we make remarks to our parents, they insult us – she continues on the social network. She also says she hopes very much for “a law that would ban children from restaurants.” Before deleting his message in front of a new horde of critics.

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