An argument at the gas station escalates, he pulls out a gun and threatens a driver on the Cote d’Azur

An argument at the gas station escalates, he pulls out a gun and threatens a driver on the Cote d'Azur

The President of the Court of Justice in Grasse is in despair “this file reflects the image of our companyThe judge was referring to the traumatic situation experienced by the owner of a Porsche who simply wanted to fill up with fuel at a gas station near La Roquette-sur-Siagne on November 9.

Seeing the motor home parked in front of the pump, the driver accompanied by his son made it clear to the couple in their parked vehicle that they wanted to access this pump.

This is especially so because the fuel tank cover of a passenger vehicle is located on the front right.

“Don’t touch my box or I’ll pull out a gun”

Nothing helps, and the owner of the car dealership is arguing “He’s on the phone and it’s an important call.”

Out of patience and seeing the latter’s lack of cooperation, father and son get out of their vehicle, drum on the hood, take a picture of the license plate and approach the fickle driver and his annoyed wife.

Turn up the volume: “Don’t touch my box or I’ll pull out a gun.” He then doesn’t hesitate to point a gun at two drivers looking for gas.

This 49-year-old gendarmerie reservist, Stéphane L., a native of Cambrai, without a criminal record or violent history, a father who wanted to go for a weekend in the Ardèche, immediately appears, prosecuted for violence with the use or threat of a weapon!

“Stupidity is being shared!”

Certainly a fake gun, but one that scared the victim who was present at the hearing and who could not hold back her tears at the bar. Just like the accused, a sports shooter in whose house we found a quantity of perfectly declared weapons during the search.

Very moved, he excuses himself between sobs and declares that he was very afraid. “I bought this weapon in Spain because there are problematic parking spaces there. There was also the aggressive behavior of the two men and their abusive words!”

For him, mistakes are common. “Reason should have won, it’s stupidity shared!”, the prosecutor points out. It takes 6 months with a simple suspended sentence.

For me Emmanuelle Benitah for the defense, “the psychological situation of my client who had just lost his mother, under anxiolytic treatment, the aggressive behavior of the two victims, caused a disproportionate, inappropriate reaction”.

Proclaimed guilty, the accused was sentenced to a prison sentence of 6 months, suspended, with a ban on the possession of weapons for a period of three years (but it was not entered in bulletin no. 2 of the criminal file).


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