Argentonnay. “I am proud of my team…! »

Argentonnay.  "I am proud of my team...!  »

The Christmas market at the family home of Argenton-les-Vallées (Boësse district) was held on Friday, November 25. The first that seeks the second.

“A lively Christmas market, with about twenty exhibitors, and afterwards a dish with Alsatian sauerkraut as desired, for which about 170 guests signed up, is a pleasure… The idea came up in February, and we started preparations in April. I immediately felt great motivation and a lot of investment in the team. I am proud of my team…” summarizes director Martine Portet, who took over the management of this institution six years ago, an institution that is recognized as “disabled-friendly” because of its pedagogy and adapted buildings.

And to continue: “These are students 2e year CAP kitchen, hotels, cafes and restaurants (HCR) and production and service in catering (fast, collective, cafeteria), about forty, which are at the initiative of this manifestation. They are highly motivated by the fact that the masterpiece they are about to create falls within the scope of their investigation.”.

The calm weather allowed buyers, exhibitors and vendors to chat and take their time. Around 6 p.m., the tree lit up and Santa Claus arrived with his elves. The joy of the children who offered him beautiful drawings accompanied by a letter. “These mountain houses are rented. We have assembled them and they will be dismantled on Saturday morning” concludes Martine Portet.

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