Argument at the Red Devils? The danger of rumours

Argument at the Red Devils?  The danger of rumours

On Monday night, before I log off, I quickly consult Twitter. Oh…! Several accounts follow the “news” of the newspaper L’Equipe. Confused, we learn that after the defeat to Morocco, a heated argument would pit Jan Vertonghen against Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne, and that Romelu Lukaku should have intervened to separate the protagonists. Even JT announces it. Everyone seems to know, except us.

First reaction: How do these colleagues know all this? Which locker room moles tipped them off? Did we miss any information?

However, we knew there were tensions between certain Devils. Roberto Martinez told us that himself. We witnessed the clash between Alderweireld and De Bruyne during Belgium and Canada. We were aware of the media statements of Eden and KDB stigmatizing the age and/or slowness of our defenders, as well as the counterattack (on VRT’s microphone) by Jan Vertonghen against the impotence attackers at the end of the lost game against Morocco.

Did we miss something we could have known? Possibly. Check it out. A bad night, during which I promise myself that as soon as I wake up I will call reliable sources, just to get confirmation or denial of the facts.

I have a parent of one of the players on the phone. He/she is surprised. “I don’t know anything, I haven’t consulted my tweets or the press. But he didn’t say anything to me yesterday, and in the evening, at the Hôtel des Diables, where families gathered around a meal, the atmosphere was not tense”.

I hang up thinking this player and his parent are probably a little distracted?

A colleague tells me that another player told him that he did not notice a possible fight in the locker room.

Bigger! Would he be so distracted? Or deaf? Or is he lying? Unlikely.

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