Attendance in France 2022 exceeded pre-Covid crisis levels

Attendance in France 2022 exceeded pre-Covid crisis levels

Tourists really enjoyed their vacation in France last summer. As proof, the occupancy rate of hotels and campsites in the territory from June to August 2022 exceeded 3%, i.e. a year before the health crisis; according to the INSEE study published on Tuesday.

Dutch, Germans and Belgians

Another lesson from the study is that commercial accommodation is preferable to a home or holiday with friends or family. This trend returned already in the summer of 2021. The French were the ones who mostly occupied the hotels and campsites. Nights booked by “residents” are twice as much as those paid by foreigners.

Among foreigners who returned to France, Americans were “helped by a stronger dollar against the euro.” There were also a lot of Brits, Dutch, Germans and Belgians. The last three mentioned nationalities represent “the main international clientele of the camps for many years”, Insee points out, and “they are even more present during the summer of 2022”.

The consumption of foreign guests is increasing

Other tourists no longer come to France to spend their holidays there. This is the case with Russians, Chinese and Japanese. “These three international clientele represent 1% of foreign hotel visits during the summer of 2022, compared to 7% in 2019,” the study points out.

Spending by foreign guests is up 7% compared to 2019. But that’s not necessarily good news for professionals, due to inflation. The consumer price index in hotels, motels, guesthouses and similar accommodation is 13% above the price level for the same period in 2019,” specifies INSEE.

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