Attractiveness and employment in the background of the EquipHotel 2022 exhibition

Attractiveness and employment in the background of the EquipHotel 2022 exhibition

Paris (75) Faced with the current labor shortage, numerous conferences and debates organized at the EquipHotel fair provided an opportunity to discuss attractiveness and employment. Chefs, hoteliers and union bosses: everyone shared their experiences and views.

'For once, recruit an armadillo
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‘In the past, it was unthinkable to recruit a tattooed person in a luxury house. Today it is no longer a topic’, comments Emmanuel Sauvage, head of the Evok group.

From the inaugural conference of the EquipHotel 2022 exhibition, which was held from November 6 to 10 in Paris (XV.e), Thierry Marx and Didier Chenet talked about attractiveness. The presidents, namely Umih and GNI, emphasized the importance of attracting and building loyalty in CHRs. How to do it? Throughout the show, professionals from the hotel and catering industry spoke on this topic. So, chief Christopher Haysponsor of EquipHotel 2022, he prn “highlighting values ​​for nurturing talents”. He added: “You must have sincerity in your speech and have your own way. Because today, teams and young people are more sensitive than scheduling.” Opinion is divided Solenne Devys, CEO of the Okko Hotels group. She admitted that during job interviews, young people reinforce their questions about the commitment to sustainability and CSR of the group or institution they are applying for. Emmanuel Sauvage, managing director of the Evok group, also counts on the social scale. as Christophe Hay: “Highlighting some of them, promoting them by giving them shares, that’s a way to include them in our houses.”

Combine work and private life

Another way to hire: bet on employee well-being. That’s bias Nicholas Decker. Director of La Cheneaudire Colroy-la-Roche (Bas-Rhin), he accommodates his teams, offers them coaching workshops or even massage sessions, and has just started creating an XXL space that will be completely ddi. As for flexibility, Christophe Hay tries to combine professional and private life: “In the gourmet restaurant in Fleur de Loire, it is closed on Sundays and Mondays. We all cut, completely.” Ms. Noll scenario: “It is a party that should be held with the family, where we should share a meal. So much so that on December 24 and 25 we will close the hotel, spa and two restaurants.” Finally, Didier Chenet used EquipHotel to remind us of the importance of opening other profiles. In support of inclusion, the president of GNI specifically mentioned the employment of the elderly and people with disabilities, “that bring a lot to other team members”. start with human, time of all digital.

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