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Au Vieux Campeur notice of 1er December saw a surprising increase in camping-related products. Indeed, the French flock to “necessary” products in the event of a power outage.

Aymeric de Rorthays, General Manager of Le Vieux Campeur, shares and comments on the figures observed during the 8 days at national level on many products:

“Sales hobs and stoves “typed camping” are multiplied by 10 ! I insist on the term “typed camping” because it is a material that we sell very little at this time of year. Ditto for gas cylinders (x5). Small equipment is also very successful, such as laptop batteries for example whose sale is multiplied by 5them headlights which usually achieve a large figure with us are increased by 50%, which is huge! sales also increased lanterns (x10). And it may seem anecdotal, but battery sales have doubled! »

To equip yourself, here are some budget examples:

Hob from €39.99

Gas bottle from €2.90

Portable battery from €24.90

Front lamp from €19

Lantern from €6.99

Aymeric de Rorthays, general manager of Le Vieux Campeur, is available for interviews and filming is possible in stores across France.

At Le Vieux Campeur is:

  • The outdoor leader in France for 80 years
  • 50 stores in 11 cities in France, 12 in spring 2023 with a new opening in Bordeaux
  • Present at the foot of the stations in Sallanches, Albertville, Chambéry, Thonon-Les-Bains, Gap
  • A village of 25 shops in the heart of Paris
  • 400 employees
  • More than 150,000 external references available in stock on the website, which the teams send directly to the stores.
  • More than 300 models of skis and snowboards
  • More than 700 suppliers
  • Almost 100,000 members of Club Vieux Campeur (loyalty card)

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