Aveyron: when entrepreneurship demands its share of femininity

Aveyron: when entrepreneurship demands its share of femininity

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The Association of Women Business Leaders in Aveyron will be officially founded on November 17 in Rodez.

For some, misfortune is good,” says the proverb. In that sense, Covid-19 was not all bad. “We had to organize ourselves during the pandemic. We offered meal trays thanks to caterers and manufacturers to meet customers from the Chamber of Commerce, hospital, RAGT, technicians and vendors, etc. We also chose the opposite by communicating easily on networks”, says Patricia Deltour, manager of the Hotel Deltour installed in Bourran, since 2006 in Rodez.

From this relationship, initially forged out of necessity, this woman of character decided to go even further, founding the Aveyron delegation of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCE). “The approach is first based on mutual help, not on work to get out of isolation. There is a gap in practice between men who are business-oriented and women who have more sensibility, more affect, although this is a double-edged sword,” continues Patricia Deltour who herself comes from a family of entrepreneurs (read below).

“Get rich from another”

“It is important to listen, to share, a human being is not a machine, it is a social bond. We are a big family, especially in the hotel industry, as I say to my team, I put my hand in the jam, we are” We are here to help, to provide the keys to better functioning, that’s the goal through FCE to enrich each other.” The Averon delegation will be formalized on November 17 in Rodez.

An invitation is issued to all business women who want to discover and join the network. “We organize a monthly meeting, it is possible to attend up to two meetings to find out what we do and offer before joining,” specifies Patricia Deltour.

The board of directors of the association consists of Patricia Deltour and Christine Foulon, co-presidents, Mathilde Taillefer and Magali Vaissier, co-secretaries, and Séverine Falque and Laurence Cozak, co-owners. “The goal is to get into the mandates of the employer. There is a balance to be achieved and legitimacy. You have to be able to juggle, it’s a state of mind, learn from others, employees as well as customers, with the manager,” concludes Patricia Deltour.

Putting her hand into the dough, that’s what Patricia Deltour, who used to prepare cakes with her grandmother in Lozère, always loved to do. She follows in the footsteps of her father Roger, 83 years old, a plasterer, then a promoter of individual houses and finally to create hotels. Today, the three children Arnaud, Laurent, and thus Patricia, share the cake. “I made it to eight hotels, it was too many, Rodez is perfect. My father has always been kind and wise, he himself advised me to slow down and not be in the shallot race.” From a taste for cooking (‘too much pressure’) to hotel management, she has had various experiences, one of which was working nights at the Brussels airport, which has since led her to the Hotel Deltour located in rue de … Brussels.

Deltour, big family


Each meeting starts with a welcome drink, from 19:00 to 19:30, followed by an introduction of the association, followed by a speaker, debate and meal. The next meeting will be held on December 15 with the astrologer Béatrice Croizat, and the first general assembly will be held in January around the galette des reines.[1945[1945 establishment of the Association of Women Business Leaders in France. Yvonne-Edmond Foinant was the first president, a forge master, elected to the Chamber of Commerce, that of Paris, in December 1945, and then in 1947 to the board of directors of the CNPF, which has since become the Mouvement des entreprises de France (Medef ) .60 local delegations.More than 2000 members.120 countries represented by Women Business Leaders Worldwide (FCEM), i.e. 5 million businesses.40,000 employees represented by the association.10% economic management is held by women who represent 50% of the active population, 55% of graduates, 80% of purchasing decisions.2001, the first resource center for women’s entrepreneurship (Cref), created by the will of the CFE, was created in Montpellier to create connections and encourage women’s entrepreneurship.

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