Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and Palace Resorts have entered into a partnership

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and Palace Resorts have entered into a partnership

Guido Polito and Jibran Chapur

Italian Société Hôtelière Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and Mexican actor Palace Resorts have entered into a strategic financial partnership to export their know-how worldwide. Palace Resorts became the majority shareholder of Société holding de Baglioni and acquired 75% of the company.

This new partnership will allow Baglioni Hotels & Resorts to further develop in the market countries that represent 70% of Palace Resorts’ business. It will also allow the Italian Society access to more than 75,000 members of the Palace Elite Holiday Club. In addition, you will benefit from increased efficiency, reduced operating costs and new openings in Italy and Europe thanks to the direct acquisition by the real estate division of Palace Resorts. Guido Polito remains PDG de Baglioni.

From the point of view of the Mexican Society, this partnership will add a European luxury brand to its portfolio, and it will also benefit from the contribution of an experienced and professional management team to manage its future investments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Finally, it will allow Palace Resorts to diversify its offer in markets where it is already a leader, such as the Americas and the Caribbean.

Charles de Ros Wallace de Geskaria Investments et Avv. Paolo Casucci de CDT Advisory ont agi en tant que conseiller pour l’operation.

I am honored that the Chapur family has recognized Baglioni Hotels & Resorts as a leading European luxury brand, seeing the potential we still have for new developments in Italy and key international destinations. Le fait de rester PDG du groupe me permettara de continuer, avec M. Giuliano Rocchi, vice president, et all l’équipe de direction, à faire Avancer le travail que mon Père Roberto Polito et moi-même avons accompli avec passion au fil des ans , en faisant de Baglioni la marque d’hôtellerie de luxe italienne la plus renownie et la plus respectée.

Guido Polito, PDG de Baglioni Hotels & Resorts

It is a great honor for us, the Chapur family, to develop our company to a global dimension thanks to Baglioni Hotels & Resorts. Nous avons invest dans cette grande collection italienne pour de nombreuses raisons, à beginner par la gentilesse et la grande capacité d’execution de son personnel à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur des hotels, et ce sera un Plaisir de continueur à collaboratoire avec Our new partner and PDG, Guido Polito, who led the group to global recognition with the Italian spirit in every detail of the customer experience. We will increase our investments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with the team of highly competent professionals who work at Baglioni, as well as at Marques Le Blanc and Moon Palace in this part of the world. This acquisition will also allow Notre Vacation Club members to travel to our new properties around the world.

Jibran Chapur, Executive Vice President of Palace Resorts

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