Bagneres-de-Bigorre. Booming, camps have a bright future in Occitania

Bagneres-de-Bigorre.  Booming, camps have a bright future in Occitania

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More than 250 campsite managers took part in the 20th conference of the Fédération de l’hôtellerie de plein air de Midi-Pyrénées on November 29 and 30 in Carré Py. A very special edition.

“At the end of the 1970s, faced with a very large number of municipal campsites that represented unfair competition, the independent campsites of the departments of Haute-Garonne, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne decided to unite. In 1981, the Midi-Pyrénées camps were structured by the creation of the Fédération Régionale Midi-Pyrénées de l’Hôtellerie de Plein Air, with Marcel Forgio as president. In September 2019, the association evolves, its status changes to a trade union and it changes its name to the Fédération de l’ Hôtellerie de Plein Air Midi-Pyrénées. FHPAMP today gathers 360 members distributed in eight departments”, recalled its current president Michel Dubié during the retrospective evening organized by the closing of the Assize of the Federation held at the end of November in Gerde.

Jubilee edition in more ways than one because, on the occasion of these 20th Assis, the Federation celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was also the last, as president, for Michel Dubié, who decided to hand over in 2023. Elected in 2000, during the National Congress at the Parc des Expos in Tarbes, also on his Bigourdane lands, this tireless camp defender wanted to turn the page, not without recalling the phases of the Federation (implementation of the reservation service and the “Camping Quality” label, professionalization of the campsites, integration landscape, creating foundations, universities, etc.) and her commitment to serving the sector. But he especially wanted to thank everyone who stood by him in his struggles.

“In the beginning it was not easy and I told myself that I had to surround myself with competent people”, recalls the one who, in addition to skills, never neglected the human, at the moment of gaining friendships with some and exciting the recognition of all his peers: “Michel succeeds in everything he touches, he has an understanding of life and undeniable human qualities, benevolence, kindness, solidarity… He is a great man, a beautiful person”.

From now on, a new page will be written for the Federation with a new president and a future union with Languedoc-Roussillon, but with the same ambitions and desire to increase power. “Covid reveals the importance you have and I think you will benefit from it in the years to come, but the region will also support you,” said regional councilor Jean-Louis Cazaubon, speaking of “an economy very important in Occitania, with 100,000 jobs and 10 billion turnover”.

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