BEAUCAIRE École Garrigues-Planes: The third phase of rehabilitation is underway

école Garrigues-Planes

The rehabilitation of buildings dedicated to primary schools constitutes the last phase of a large project carried out at the Garrigues-Plains school complex in Beaucaire and valued at €5 million.

After the inauguration, in September 2021, the new kindergarten which now has six classes – compared to three in the old one – took over the main work of the school canteen. A project completed last summer course to accommodate half-boarders from the start of the school year. So this is the third and final phase of this huge project which is currently underway at the Garrigues-Plain school in Beaucaire. It concerns the rehabilitation of existing buildings dedicated to primary education.

5 million euros

This is the cost of the overall project executed at the Garrigues-Plain School Complex. The city received a state subsidy of 40%, and another €400,000 from the Guard Divisional Council.

A project that began at the end of October with a preparatory and asbestos removal phase. The construction of the old hall of the school and the cleaning of the classrooms and other rooms in the remaining building has been going on for 15 days. “As was the case with the construction of nursery schools, this project was built according to the needs and wishes of the teachers.“, during a site visit organized this Tuesday, December 6, indicated the mayor of Beaucaire.

This Tuesday, December 8 during a site visit for elementary school rehabilitation work. • (Photo: S.Ma)

The building will undergo a real transformation inside and out. Repair of the roof to allow the construction of floors but raised in part, installation of toilets – the sanitary facilities in the courtyard will be destroyed -, repair of floor coverings, insulation work, energy renovation, construction of a library, documentary center, etc. The site is huge and we must have two The construction of the new hall of the school connecting the building must be added, by a footbridge on the floor, accessible thanks to a new staircase. A forecourt will cover the entrance. And of course, the pink coating still visible today will be removed.

Sectorization of schools reviewed and revised for September 2024

They are heavy duty but also necessary for the comfort of life of students and teachers, for improved energy efficiency.And Boris Querrel, SPL Terre d’Argence agent representative of the contracting authority, to complete: “In some classes, for example, it was 35 degrees in June. It was unbearable. With insulation work and heat pump installation, we will be able to maintain a temperature of 26 degrees.

Delivery of the new primary school is scheduled for the start of the 2023 school year, with part of the pupils already accommodated in the kindergarten building, the other in modular buildings installed in the school’s car park. It will have nine new classrooms, bringing the total of Garrigues-Plain to sixteen classrooms and a capacity of 200 to 375 students. The mayor plans to review the sectorization of schools for September 2024,”Segmentation is no longer appropriate today, given the evolution of construction and population, something has to be done that is coherent.

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