Béziers: home delivery service Croûtons.fr continues to grow

Béziers: home delivery service Croûtons.fr continues to grow

Launched in Béziers in 2018, Croûtons.fr continues to do well, despite the arrival of heavyweights in the sector such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. And the home delivery service just moved to Narbonne.

Croûtons.fr is headed by Laurent Zanardo and Isabelle Grégoire, lifelong entrepreneurs. “While waiting in line at a bakery at the end of 2016, I came up with the idea to create Croûtons.fr. At the time, this type of home delivery service did not yet exist in Béziers and was not really democratized in France.”, explains Laurent Zanardo. It took more than a year to launch the project, convince caterers and develop a website for online ordering. “Our goal was to promote small businesses and independent restaurants in Biterrois. But at the launch we had to face some reluctance. Fortunately for us, the restaurant chains trusted us and that’s where it all started”explains Isabelle Grégoire.

A year after the launch of Croûtons.fr, American delivery platform Uber Eats is launching in Béziers. But the arrival of this juggernaut does not slow down the activity of Biterroise, on the contrary. “When we started, 80% of our deliveries were made in Béziers and 20% in the surrounding cities. Since Uber Eats, the trend has been diametrically opposite. Today we deliver to 60 surrounding cities and our traffic is growing by 35% every year, not even counting the periods of confinement they had
exploding demand, whether for meal or grocery delivery.”


Unlike delivery platforms that are often singled out for the working conditions they offer, Croûtons.fr hires its delivery drivers for an indefinite period, provides them with a vehicle, insulated containers and trains them. “To date, we have 17 employees in Béziers and three in Narbonne where we plan to hire five new delivery drivers in the next few months. We are really in the process of developing the local economy, both for our team and for our partners. “ In Béziers, the activity of Croûtons.fr generates 1.5 million euros of additional traffic for the 103 listed restaurants and shops.

Technological development

After implementing their service in Narbonne, the founders of Croûtons.fr are buzzing with new ideas to keep the company going. They are especially working to diversify their services by incorporating “Miam Bornes” into hotels and businesses. At the same time, Laurent Zanardo and Isabelle Grégoire are currently developing a new version of their ordering system. “This new tool will allow us to make the management of rounds even more fluid for delivery people, to easily connect our system with that of our partners and even, in the long term, to franchise the Croûtons.fr concept to implement it in the French territory.”

More information: croutons.fr – 06 52 144 490 – contact@croutons.fr

ID card

Creation of the company in 2017 by Laurent Zanard and Isabelle Grégoire.
Launch of site and delivery service in Beziers with four restaurants in March 2018.
Narbonne October 2022 service deployment.
Team: 20 full-time employees.
Annual turnover change: + 35%.
Number of orders per month: 2,000.
Average basket: €34
Traffic overview: 20% of activities carried out in Béziers; 80% in 60 surrounding municipalities.
Reference restaurants and shops: 103.
Volume of activities for partners: + €1.5 million in additional turnover.

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