Boomerang Voyages: 5 unusual experiences

Boomerang Voyages: 5 unusual experiences

Tour operator Boomerang Voyages has just published its 292-page winter opus 2022/23. There is no way to describe his 60 Club Coralia, Kappa, Eldorado and other cars. On the contrary, we have selected five unusual concepts and products.

1) An unusual night for everyone

In a bivouac, in a tent suspended from trees or a tent on the ground: this winter it is possible to experience an unusual night during your stay in Mauritius, Thailand, and soon in Morocco. The unusual night, scheduled for spring in Rhodes and Crete, is part of the Kappa moments, which are included in the “all inclusive” formula. A total of 4 to 6 trips outside the club are offered each week, from home-cooked meals to fishing (in Zanzibar and Thailand). With its Kappa Club, Boomerang wants to support 20 families through local experiences.

2) For children, nuggets

By participating in activities such as picking up litter on the beach, children collect nuggets that can be converted into euros. At the end of their stay, they can make a donation to the association of their choice through the application. Good and playful. Offered at Kappa Club.

3) Sportingly yours

With Club Eldorador, tourists can do some sports during their stay, but not only. Trainers broadcast live and replay courses. A history that allows them to keep the rhythm, on the return of the holidays. For what sports? Everything depends on the clubs: fitness, tennis, stand-up rowing, boxing, golf, aquabike and aquajogging/aquajumping.

This is the first hotel of the NG Travel group. A luxury property, with 76 villas from 70m2 to 200m2, in the middle of rice fields, with 2 shared swimming pools and a large Clarins spa. If the concept is attractive, other “Senses” hotels will appear elsewhere, always in long destinations. NG Travel would have already researched…

5) (5) Kappa cars

These tours are inspired by the Kappa concept, with immersive and local experiences. All in small groups (maximum 16 people). For this formula go to Cuba, Senegal, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka.

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