Boomerang Voyages expects EUR 380 million (+38%) turnover

Les forces de vives de Boomerang Voyages réunie à l’atelier Kappa (Paris) lors de la présentation de l’activité du TO - Photo DS

Greece, Spain, Dominican Republic, Tunisia/Morocco and Zanzibar are five destinations that contribute to this development.

As many countries as can be found in the tour operator’s new winter brochure. Brochure printed in 60,000 copies instead of 150,000 in 2019. Travel agencies manage inventory better » indicates Philippe Sangouard who recalls that « 3,000 outlets sold at least one file this year “.

With 32 Coralia clubs (11 new this winter), 25 Kappa clubs and 9 Kappa City (5 new) and 5 Eldorador clubs (3 new), Boomerang’s club offer has reached a new level. Let us remind you that last summer TO doubled its offer from fifty clubs in 2019 to 100.

At the same time, we are also noticing a circle reflex among our customers, which has been returning since the beginning of August. adds the general manager.

In more detail, the Coralia clubs – festive and friendly – have been enriched with new activities. This is especially the case with ” batting cage » so young and old can learn about baseball, or « Archery battle », « a modern recreational sport, a mix of paintball and archery practiced on an inflatable field “.

Comedian Clement Lanoue will be responsible for animating the clubs thanks to ” interactive evening “.

As for the Kappa Club – suitable for discovery and local meetings – the management guarantees ” 4 to 6 cultural excursions per week “. ” It is an introduction to discovering a country off the beaten track ” say again Victor Magalhaes, director of clubs at NG Travel.

Meals at home in small groups, local fishing (Zanzibar and Thailand), unusual nights (Mauritius and Zanzibar) and authentic encounters with Khan, a musician who makes instruments from recycled materials, remain safe. ” In total, we offer more than 200 cultural excursions says the manager. As for novelty, electric bike, trekking or acoustic evenings by candlelight on the beach with local musicians.

With the partner ATR (Acting for Responsible Tourism), Kappa implemented the concept ” Drop Nuggets “WHO” involves children in activities related to ecology “. “ They accumulate nuggets that they will convert into euros and then donate them to partner associations “Explain Alexis Kechichianmarketing director who points out that ” almost 500 children have already participated in this program “.

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