Breaking Bad Easter Egg Revealed in Modern Warfare 2

Breaking Bad Easter Egg Revealed in Modern Warfare 2

Published: 2022-11-14T13:49:39

Update: 2022-11-14T13:49:42

Some Modern Warfare 2 players have noticed a reference to the popular Breaking Bad series in the Santa Sena Border Crossing multiplayer map.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps have been talked about since the game launched on October 28, including the Santa Sena Border Crossing.

Fans call it one of the worst maps in Call of Duty history due to its odd shape and excessive amount of cars and trucks obscuring sight lines.

However, it may be on its way to winning favor with MW2 players after an Easter egg was discovered on one of the RVs on the map, which refers to the popular Breaking Bad series.

Santa Sena Border Crossing Map MW2 Breaking Bad References

The truck in the middle of the Santa Sena border crossing map has five pieces of tape on the door, arranged in a circle. This is most likely a reference to the caravan that appears in Breaking Bad where the show’s protagonists cook their famous blue methamphetamine.

The reference goes back to the first episodes of the series, when Jesse and Walter are attacked by a drug cartel, and the car door is riddled with bullets.

Not wanting to switch vehicles, Jesse and Walter cover the bullet holes with duct tape and continue using the RV.

This may not please fans who aren’t happy with MW2’s map design, but it’s still a cool detail that points to a much-loved series.

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