Burdinne: Residents of Camping du Parc de Renoz rebel

The climate is deteriorating at the Parc de Renoz residential camp in Marneffe. A situation that has been worsening for more than 10 years. The trustee in charge of asset management is in full liquidation. In the dispute, the residents chose not to pay their costs. Resa threatens to cut the power.

Initially, the Parc de Renoz campsite only welcomed residents on holiday, but gradually, over the years, the ideally located site in Marneffe became a permanent place to stay. Of the 50 pitches, around 30 are occupied throughout the year. Today the climate has become disgusting. Residents no longer trust the union that is in charge of managing the estate and no longer pays their expenses.

“I’ve been there for three years, I’ve always paid my expenses, but I’ve learned that others don’t pay anything, so I don’t see why I should continue to pay myself,” says Marcel Klavier, a resident of the camp.

“Nothing always goes well,” comments Pierre Remacle, a resident of the camp. “Because there is no trust at all in this commissioner who lines his pockets and manages nothing. I don’t pay any more with the dispute, but when I did, I decided that it was for water and electricity,” he adds.

As a result today, electricity bills are skyrocketing. Resa threatened to cut off the electricity on December 5, but the mayor got an additional delay.

“It can’t last any longer,” confirms Frédéric Bertrand. “We already had a bill of 40,000 euros for Luminus, so 30,000 euros here for fringe, it can’t go any further. Our wish is to make the site a permanent place to live, but that won’t happen without compensation from residents. He will have to pay for his bond.”

The goal of the municipality is really to make the camp a place of permanent residence. The roads are now publicly owned, but the entire site must be brought into compliance. Individual water meters and electricity meters should therefore eventually replace this single collective meter whose accounts are no longer respected.

“We will hold a meeting with Resa and the citizens to show that there is a desire to put this file in order and to put the situation in order.”

For the mayor, it is urgently necessary to gather everyone around the table. A deadline of January was obtained, but a firm commitment from all residents will be needed to extend that deadline until spring.

Sophie Driesen


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