Bürstner Lyseo Gallery T 649 G: profile with variable geometry

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery T 649 G: profile with variable geometry

The Lyseo Gallery T 649 G motor home from Bürstner is officially low profile. As with other campers of this type, there is a slight bulge above the windshield. But on traditional profiles, this cap is not enough to accommodate a permanent bed. Here the cap opens on stage, to create a floor aboard the Lyseo Gallery T 649 G. Very surprising.

You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. Simplified on the road and built on the stage, the Lyseo Gallery has nothing to envy your children’s Transformers. This motorhome has a profile hood that opens on the stage. Its inflatable walls contain a very comfortable mezzanine bedroom. The interior layout and finishes are also innovative.

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Gallery 649 G with aft saloon

There are two versions of the Bürstner Lyseo gallery. The one we’re talking about is the T 649 G, with an aft saloon (there’s another one, the T 689 G, with a walk-through aft toilet and a maxi galley in the middle). In this version, the focus is on usability. Since the real bedroom is upstairs, why not offer a real living room as well, with a pleasant U-shaped bench. This “square” doesn’t exactly take up the rear of the vehicle. In the back there is a garage space that can accommodate a standing bicycle. Another special feature of this living room is that it is surrounded by bay windows that provide good light, and a bed on the ceiling can be placed on top.

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Low profile or niche? innovation never before!

All the originality of the Lyseo Gallery T 649 G lies in its retractable upper chamber, which an electro-pneumatic system allows to unfold above the cabin in less than two minutes using a compressor and a set of hoses maintained under pressure. It has a good-sized bed (155x200cm) whose occupants will be able to appreciate the internal height of 110cm (for a total height that is then close to 3.70m) and easy access thanks to the fixed staircase.

Decoration: Bürstner style

In keeping with the very comfortable layout of this mobile home, Bürstner took care of the decor and lighting. In accordance with the habits of the brand, the tones are warm, light abundant, discreet and soothing. The whole is a cocoon of well-being, where everyone and everything finds its place.

Bathroom and kitchen

Finally, the toilet/shower service is provided by a Vario-type modular compartment, located in the front part, opposite the large wardrobe. Next is the kitchen, which shows good width and a convincing level of storage. On the other side of the cabin is a large refrigerator of 133 liters.

Technical sheet of Gallery Lyseo T 649 G

  • L x W x H: 6.99 x 2.30 x 2.99 m
  • carrier: Fiat 2.2 l – 140 hp
  • CG places/night/meal: 4/2/4
  • Refrigerator: 133 liters
  • Price: CN

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