Buying a caravan: what is most important? Internet users respond

Buying a caravan: what is most important?  Internet users respond

Car dealership owners have priority when buying a new vehicle. If the choice is subjective and depends on the taste and needs of each of them, some elements are more important than others. The type of camper housing, appearance and dimensions are the points that stand out first among Internet users who responded to our survey in early November 2022.

What are the important things to consider when buying a motor home? To find out, we asked Internet users in a survey published on our site in early November 2022. More than 800 people answered our questions. At a time when prices are rising, price is obviously an important element. But in addition to these large sums, what are the priorities of motorhome owners?

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Van or integral?

In first place is the type of motor home (for 72.93% of respondents). The choice is made according to the wishes and needs of everyone. A couple looking for a vehicle for weekend outings and daily driving will be more inclined towards a minivan or minivan. It will be easier for the family to choose the carriage that offers the most sleeping places. The choice of integral or profile will depend on the desired interior space. But not only…

The most important elements when buying a motor home

Number of responses %
Motorhome type 617 72.93%
Layout 562 66.43%
Dimensions 471 55.67%
Quality of workmanship and finishing 414 48.94%
Motorization 312 36.88%
Carrier 200 23.64%
Material quality 159 18.79%
Standard equipment 140 16.55%
Exterior design 44 5.20%

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Priority living room and bedroom

Schedule is in second place (66.43%). The living room is the most important room for the respondents (by 56.99%), because it is the place where we spend the most time, eating, drinking, reading, playing, surfing or still watching TV. The face-to-face living room is the most popular, ahead of the L-shaped living room. The bedroom is also a key room (most important for 39.81% of respondents). It is also the space where you spend hours. It is above all a place of rest. And when you travel, it is important to sleep well and have maximum comfort in order to be in good shape. The central bed and twin beds are therefore praised.

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What width, what length?

The dimensions of the caravan also come into consideration. If more and more French people are moving towards compact vehicles (less than 7 m), large integrals and long profiles still have their followers.

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Reliable caravans

The quality of construction and finishing is also an element that motorhome owners take into account. Almost 50% of respondents prefer high-end or mid-range. The materials used, the reliability of the equipment, the sturdiness of the furniture or the comfort of the seat are obviously important when you are not limited by the budget.

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What about the engine and chassis?

Engine and mount are quite far in the priorities of the people surveyed. A little more than one third brings importance to the power of the engine. This is especially true for large models and especially for heavy goods vehicles. For just under a quarter, the chassis is also an argument, even if choices are sometimes limited in this period of crisis. If it has lost market share, the Fiat Ducato is still the best seller ahead of the Citroën Jumper and the Ford Transit.

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Models ready to go

The standard equipment and exterior design of the vehicle come last. If this last element is of little importance, it is perhaps because innovations are rare and most manufacturers remain classic in structure, apart from luxury integrals. As for retrofitted models, they often sell for more. Which inflates the bill.

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