Cadalen. Friendship journey –

Cadalen.  Friendship journey -

Recently, 27 members of Saule Cadalénois participated with another group from Cordes-sur-Ciel on a friendly trip to Spain. They stayed on the beach of Coma Ruga, province of Tarragona, in a magnificent hotel. With beautiful and highly appreciated visits, especially a morning spent at the convent of Santa Maria de Poblet, Castellet castle or the Simon Coll chocolate factory in Sant-Sadurna d’Anoia with chocolate tasting.

This stay in Spain, which was spent in joy, good mood and companionship, left very good memories for Cadalénois and Cordais.

The next important step for Le saule cadalénois, the Christmas meal to be held on December 10th at the Cadalen Village Hall. Registration with secretary Bernard Manens.

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