Camping paradise – Bikers in the camp (part 1) – Camping paradise

Camping paradis - Les bikers au camping (Partie 1)

While Tom makes perfect love with Stephanie, Blues is convinced that she is cheating on him. They have no choice but to warn Tom. Alix arrives at the camp with her son Simon and his companion Eric, who is very interested in his role as stepfather. They are surprised to see Renaud arrive, Alix’s ex-husband and father of the child. Charismatic and self-assured, he lands on his shiny bike and doesn’t hesitate to make Eric, the kind SVT teacher, helpful and sensitive, feel that they don’t play in the same category. Eric will have trouble finding his place… Catherine, accompanied by her daughter Lee, arrives at the camp to find Marie-Hélène, her mother. She fears that her morale is still low, after the death of her husband a year ago. Against all expectations, she discovers that her mother lives a hundred miles an hour with her new companion, twenty years younger Marc…
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