Carcassonne: motorhomes invited to park in reserved spaces

Carcassonne: motorhomes invited to park in reserved spaces

With the Christmas holidays approaching, caravans are plentiful in Carcassonne. And very often their parking is dangerous to say the least.

You may have seen them multiplying on the streets of Carcassonne in recent days. In this magical Christmas period, cars arrive in force in the medieval city. Very often the tourists are Spanish and sometimes they arrive with their motor home in Carcassonne during the feasts of Saint Nicholas and the Immaculate Conception.

This year, many of these tourists seem to have found refuge near the Lyceum of Charlemagne, on a neglected road near the roundabout. This Monday, December 6, twenty vehicles were illegally parked near the agricultural school.

The city, through the municipal police, invites these vehicles to park in the designated areas. “There is a paid area for parking with the possibility of accommodation in caravans, to the right of the municipal camp. It is 20 euros per day. Only for parking spaces are reserved at the level of the Métropole garage, Warsaw boulevard and Paul-Sabatier and Route Minervoise”says Placide Arias, Carcassonne’s security assistant.

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