Court in Perpignan: the owner of the camp explains why he robbed the room of the mayor Barcarès

Court in Perpignan: the owner of the camp explains why he robbed the room of the mayor Barcarès

The owner of the campsite Le Floride in Barcares was tried on Monday, November 28 before the criminal court of Perpignan for “deliberate damage to heavy property”, in this case the acts committed in the house of the mayor of the city. A file which, according to the defendant, would only be “the tip of the iceberg”.

An electric atmosphere this Monday at Perpignan Criminal Court. Face to face, the mayor of Barcarès, who was sitting on the victim’s bench, and the owner of the camp that was set up in the same town, were charged for the complete devastation of the bedroom of an elected official.

“There is a Ferrand system that pushes us to the limit”

We are in the spring of 2020. In a full prison, Alain Ferrand, accompanied by a bailiff, goes to Florida to see that unauthorized works have been carried out. The “visit” is too big for the owner of the building who requested permission to repair the wall and was refused. Makes me look like a construction delinquent. But in fact, these are tricks and it’s the wood that hides the forest.”, says Lionel Michel at the helm. “All because we didn’t want to sign a bogus convention for fun. The mayor told us: “I’m going to make your money pumps better, so now it’s time to crash”. The police told us that it was a fraud, a mafia system, we filed a complaint so that he would take revenge. The goal was to put us under pressure, especially my wife.”

In particular, he continues, that at that time she was a candidate for municipal elections on the list of Joëlle Ferrand, the wife of Mayor Barcarès, and against him. “My wife couldn’t sleep all night, she was depressed. This man is a manipulator. In the urban planning department, we explain to you that you must first negotiate and agree with the mayor. To build a pergola, he told me “put 5,000 euros in an envelope and it will be fine”. It’s the whole Ferrand system at Barcarès that pushes us to the limit.”

However, this time for the camp owner “it has to stop”. He goes to Joëlle Ferrand’s place to have her intervene. “She told me he made it personal and he was going to get through it”, continues Lionel Michel. “I was overjoyed and I regret it.” With a stick in hand, he goes upstairs to the mayor’s room and destroys everything he can get his hands on. A wardrobe in pieces, an exploded glass easel, a broken TV, looted clothes, an overturned laundry basket, a 5000 euro glass sculpture and broken night lamps, a master painting taken down…

“He came to my house to execute me”

“He came to my house to execute me and I measure my words,” Alain Ferrand answers. “I cannot accept that. I was doing my job as mayor. I was warned about illegal construction. I noticed a violation”. And to remember fear: “ My wife called me and said: Do not come to the house, there is Mr. Michel with a sword, he is waiting for you.” I choked. punitive expedition on an elected official,” adds his lawyer Me Henri de Beaugard. “And all the mayors of France are worried about the resurgence of this violence. All the weight of the facts must be assessed”. For this, he claims 17,000 € for material damage and 1,000 € for moral damage, before the prosecutor asks for a conditional sentence of three months in prison.

“No, it’s a stroke of blood,” M. is outragede Sylvain Donneve, lawyer of the camp owner. It is the result, he insists, of another case, handled by the specialized interregional jurisdiction of Marseille, in which Alain Ferrand was charged specifically with “extortion in an organized gang and embezzlement.” “Threats, pressures, extortion… in Barcarès there is a system of powers subject to compensation”balance the defense. “Mr. Ferrand behaves unworthy of his position as mayor. When you mix genres, business and politics, it leads us. It must be said. Mr. Michel is more of a whistleblower. What distinguishes him from the others is that he did not want to give in and he violated the law of silence”.

Council on December 15.

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