Dacia Jogger camper. Mini caravan with Romturingia sauce

Dacia Jogger camper.  Mini caravan with Romturingia sauce

Romanian bodybuilder Romturingia is investing in the leisure vehicle segment with an arrangement designed to transform the new Jogger into a mini camper at an unbeatable price! Its predecessor, its concept, is now also available in the Camperiz, and soon in the Dacia.

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Romturingia offers a motorhome kit for the Dacia Jogger.


A few months ago, the Romturingia company presented a “Camper” version of the Dacia Jogger that allows up to four people to sleep in (and on) the car! The Romanian bodybuilder has actually studied and produced a custom design, which will be sold exclusively in his country at certain Dacia dealers. This fitting consists of a boot-mounted module (for versions with 5 or 7 seats, but with the rear row removed) which it contains two drawers for storing things, a compression cooler, a sink with a tap and a pump, as well as a hob, all accessible from the tailgate. A table that can be stored on the side of the trunk is also available.

Water, electricity and up to four beds!

On the side of the passenger compartment, tilting the bench reveals several storage areas, but also the technical part of the layout. So there are two water tanks (clean water and waste water), as well as an electrical installation consisting of a 12 V-220 V transformer with a power of 300 W, an electrical panel with two 220 V sockets and a 12 V socket for the refrigerator. sleeping side, the base of the bed unfolds on a metal structure that is easy to install when the rear bench is folded down. The sleeping length is 2 m, and the width is 120 cm – the mattress is included. An optional roof tent allows two more people to sleep on the Jogger. The upgrade is easy to remove and does not require VASP approval.

Prices are not yet known, but Romturingia lists an “all options” price of less than 5,000 euros. Depending on the equipment you choose, it will therefore be possible to modulate the price and add features as you progress. Considering the prices of the Jogger, this solution will be – by far – the most affordable in the leisure vehicle segment. Indeed, such an equipped version of the Essential ECO-G 100 should cost less than 22,000 euros! Distribution in France is currently being discussed with technical specifications adapted to our market.

Camperiz and Dacia solutions

At Camperiz we are also studying the possibility of marketing a motor vehicle kit for the Jogger in France. For now, the adventure break transformed by the Spanish firm is only available on the Iberian Peninsula. A complete set, including a kitchenette, stationary heating or even chemical toilets, costs a little more than 6,000 euros. As for the Dacia? The manufacturer is also considering equipping its star model with a camping module go on an independent adventure. The first draft was presented to us during the Dacia Brand Manifesto in September 2022. The launch of this official kit should take place no later than the summer of 2023. The price has not been announced.


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