Decazeville. The members of the association of pensioners of the gendarmerie and military medals met

Decazeville.  The members of the association of pensioners of the gendarmerie and military medals met

Members, relatives and friends of the Association of Retired Gendarmerie and Military Medals are invited on December 3rd to participate in their general meeting at the Hôtel du Parc in Cransac. At the opening of this general meeting, the participating members were invited by President Bernard Augier to meet at 9:45 a.m. in front of the Cransac War Memorial to pay tribute to Gendarme Cros Louis who died fighting in Indochina. In the end, association members, parents and friends were happy to meet at the Hôtel du Parc to establish contact in a friendly atmosphere over coffee and pastries.

A tribute to Robert Degos

At 11 a.m., Bernard Augier opened the 38th GA. In particular, he paid tribute to Robert Degos, who 38 years ago created the Amicale des gendarmes en retirees and his successors, an association that for several years was merged into a single association with military decorations. The association now has 28 active members and 11 widows, which is unfortunately a small number considering that many have refused to join. They would be welcome to consolidate the office separately.

Common themes are presented. Cash flow is good and balanced, participation of members, family and friends in various activities, meetings, meals and outings is good.

The president listed his 16 participations with the flag bearer at various events to which he was invited.

The position, in the absence of any candidate, was re-elected unanimously. Various activities are listed for 2023: January 24 afternoon galetta – June 3 méchoui – summer excursion September 5 to choose between Martel (oil mill visit), Laguiole or Estaing and December 2 the 39th General Assembly.

And as always, in a cheerful and good atmosphere, the participants finished the day around the table with a good live meal.

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