Delinquents in reintegration bring the sun to the night of the homeless in Vannes – Vannes

Delinquents in reintegration bring the sun to the night of the homeless in Vannes - Vannes

15:30 In front of a pile of egg cartons, Kosso* examines the cracked shell with his fingertips. “Madame Vola, what should I do with this, is it alright?” “. Before he found himself in the kitchen that Emmaüs lent to the We want the sun association, in Saint-Nolf, this 17-year-old unaccompanied minor, from Eastern Europe and a polyglot by compulsion, chained a lot of “nonsense”. “I spent two months in hole”, comments under the cap, in German in the text. At the other end of the kitchen, Pascale Vola adjusts the seasoning in her wine trade sauce. The founder of We want the sun, a former chef, prepares a hundred meals, with expired or damaged food products, for the homeless in Vannes. “Last year we had 75, but we have more and more users,” she sighs.

Kosso and Jeremy in the kitchen with We want the sun.
Jérémy, Christine and Kosso finish bottling the soup. (The Telegram/Caroline Lafargue)

They have “hess” in common.

In the next room, Jérémy*, 16 years old, full length, bends down to wrap cookies. Like Kosso, he’s in trouble with the justice system, which sent them to the Elven Reinforced Education Center for a maximum of six months. The goal: to avoid (again) going through prison, to understand what led them to commit a crime and to build a life project. Perfect, one of their educators, accompanies them in the kitchen. “It’s the boys who choose to come and help. After,? I had to motivate Kosso again before I came. They are still children and their educational deficit is huge”.

Kosso and Jeremy in the kitchen with We want the sun.
5:30 p.m.: The We Want Sunshine team puts meals on trays. From left to right: Jeanne, Magali, Jérémy, Pascale and Kosso in the foreground. (The Telegram/Caroline Lafargue)

18:30 At the back of the Vannes station parking lot, a dozen homeless people wait in the freezing night. Kosso tricks him with her constant chattering and swaying gait, but he backs off when he sees the dogs, which awaken a bad memory. In the end, he approaches, calls the homeless “sir” and “ma’am”, offers meals. “I love doing this. We know that there are ex-prisoners among them. And for me it was “hess” (galley)? “. “We have everything we want, a roof, clothes, food”, underlines Jérémy. Before leaving, the homeless man says: “These are guys like us. We have to protect them”.

Future salesman, future bricklayer

19:00, general alarm. 115 informs Pascale Vola of a family of Georgians to be fed, which arrived in Plescop on the same day. They have been in France for three days. A couple wanders with their two-year-old daughter, at 4°C, in the neighborhood of Coallia – an association that receives and guides asylum seekers. They found the door closed. And that evening, there are no more places for emergency accommodation. A rare situation. On the spot, Kosso becomes indispensable, conversing in Russian with his mother, Monika, who is pregnant. 115 eventually agrees to pay for three nights in a hotel. ?After an evening spent rubbing shoulders with other troubles, two teenagers share their plans. Kosso sets himself the goal of patience. “I could rob a bank, but I want to be a ‘piano player.’ I want to make information (sic) about the sale”. Jeremy prepares to return to his parents. “I’m going to start a masonry apprenticeship. Afterwards I will say to myself “I am the one who built this house”. If I do something stupid again, it’s prison”.



For a tax-free donation, write to: We want the sun, 28, rue Ty Coët, Vannes.

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