Deputy Antoine Vermorel-Marques launches his “permanent motor home” on the roads

Deputy Antoine Vermorel-Marques launches his "permanent motor home" on the roads

Some have already baptized him “Wordmobile”. On Monday, November 28, Deputy Antoine Vermorel-Marques and his deputy Fanny Fesnoux officially received the keys their motor home which will serve as the assembly office.

Autodom will only travel to 91 municipalities in the constituency. And of course, only for parliamentary use. Going on vacation with…

The first in the National Assembly, which sees one of its representatives choose the vehicle rather than the walls to meet the inhabitants. “The only ethical obligation towards the National Assembly is that the motorhome travels only in the 91 municipalities of the constituency. And of course, for parliamentary use only. It’s out of the question to go on holiday with…,” smiles Antoine Vermorel-Marques.
The vehicle was equipped by the Roannaise company “Van et Loisirs”, based on the Citroën Sunlight. “It has about 7m2 of usable area. We removed the sleeping area to furnish the office,” explains her manager. A computer battery and 4G dongle allow a mobile office to be as efficient as staying in an apartment.

“That was a campaign promise. I wanted to be close to the residents and reach out to them. That will be possible with this camper,” adds the deputy for the 5th arrondissement of the Loire. The duo will therefore go to meetings with residents in different municipalities and should be present at the markets to listen to those who want to talk to them without an appointment.

An economical and ecological choice

“It is, too economical and ecological choiceassures Antoine Vermorel-Marques, because the vehicle was not bought, but rented – €700 per month – which is much cheaper than buying or renting an office in the city. And I move towards the citizens, instead of them coming to meet me. »
As for Mariana’s bust, it is well attached to the desk. “The Republic will not tremble in the bends,” jokes Antoine Vermorel-Marques.

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