“Did you know” day. Do you know which hotel in Nancy, rated 2.5 stars on Google, is regularly buzzing?

"Did you know" day.  Do you know which hotel in Nancy, rated 2.5 stars on Google, is regularly buzzing?

Since the establishment of its Google review page in 2015, the hotel in Nancy has accumulated 158 reviews to date with an average of 2.5 stars out of 5. But not just any hotel because it is from… a police station.

If the comments were quite shy in the first years, since 2018 they have multiplied. “Cell at the top, minimalist decor, but very design. I doubt that Philippe Starck collaborated with the architect,” wrote a user on Google in 2018. And to continue in the same vein: “I spent 48 hours there, it was very pleasant, a meal at the pinnacle of great French gastronomy. »

Since then, in addition to comments on the work and response of the police station, Internet users comment and evaluate the reception at the police station as if it were a real hotel. They “evaluate” the reception, the “bedding”, the arrangement…

“I came to this hotel a few years ago, the hotel staff took me from the bar exit to the hotel without my asking […]. Once there […], I was taken to my room. The place was rustic with a very thin mattress on a concrete floor (a very good point for people with back pain). The hotel was overcrowded at this time of the year, I had to share a bed with a stranger […] Also, I found it quite strange that you can’t return the room keys at the time you want. Despite everything, I spent an UNFORGETTABLE night and, as many have pointed out, the price is very attractive. Must try at least once. »

The opinions are quite tongue-in-cheek, and some are definitely more first-rate. The user goes so far as to specify: “It’s the Nancy police station. It’s not a hotel. If you have a room there, it’s a bad sign. »

Others recommend “this accommodation” and recommend improvements… “Among the things to improve, mainly the bedding which is a bit firm… The hosts are also available if you just talk to them kindly. I recommend this accommodation with the above reservations. »

With a final average of 2.5 stars out of 5, the Nancy police station building is certainly no palace. But it works better than some (real) hotels…

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