Do American luxury cars make you sleepy: the results of our research

Motorhome américain de luxe : vous fait-il rêver ?

If American brands dedicated to luxury motorhomes had a penchant in Europe… they can ditch them. A survey we conducted among our readers would surely discourage them.

We regularly publish photos of luxury American campers on our Facebook page. These caravans are stunning. They cost a fortune (more than $2 million), offer gigantic interior spaces and top-of-the-line equipment (3 TVs, washer and dryer, etc.). And their decorative style is always bold, with a marble shower, scaled sink, backlit arabesques on the living room ceiling. These Facebook posts are always a hit. It’s easy to understand why.

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American campers, designed for Americans

However, when we asked our subscribers if these caravans were their dreams, the answer was almost unanimous. Either these motorhomes seem disproportionate to our roads (which would be in contrast to the users of motorhomes on truck chassis, who drive in France), or they seem tasteless. Curiosity and sleep should not be confused on this topic…

Ref: Indeed, our friends across the Atlantic have their own tastes.

Eric: NOit is not a question of size, but a question of the style of decoration whether it is interior or exterior. European caravans of this size are often much less flashy.

Chan Chan: Honestly, at this price it is better to have a stone house.

Richard: To dream yes, but not on our roads.

Marie Claire: Not all. The camping side does not exist.

Ricky: This kind of vehicle does not interest me at all, it is not adventurous at all.

Dominica: No, a motorhome like this doesn’t make me dream. Back to reality when changing oil or tires.

Mitch: We cannot compare American and French decoration, they are not the same tastes…

Rochelais: No, it’s not a dream at all!

Francine: Of course a vehicle like this is a dream! But it is not suitable for our departments and our motorhome areas… We are in France

my my: NOwe are generally too big on our French roads! Apart from the highway, we can’t go around our little hidden villages with trails.

jeans : Iuseless, especially with what our green governments are preparing for us.

Annick: No, parking is impossible!

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