DriveCamp 76 and CamperCam 795 GPS: GPS and camera in one

Garmin GPS DriveCam 76 : GPS et dashcam à la fois

In order to avoid the accumulation of devices on the windshield of the car house, the engineers of the American brand Garmin imagined a new range of GPS that combines navigation and a camera in the vehicle. Called DriveCam 76 and CamperCam 795, these models can guide you in the classic way during the trip, but also record your trips.

Both have a 7-inch screen and voice control to avoid letting go of the wheel. On the back of their housing is a mini-camera that can continuously record the road, with a 140° field of view and record in HD format (1080p) sequences of incidents detected on your route.

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Record, archive and share your route

To use them immediately, a memory card is included in their packaging. All videos are automatically stored on the brand’s online server, 24 hours from the date of download. If you have an activated Wi-Fi connection, you can share clips of your transhumans with other people (send them a link and password) and update maps (Europe, South Africa) or internal software without using an external computer.

Special services for campers

The most expensive version offers personalized routes according to the size and tonnage of the motorhome. Aerial views, broadcast in high definition, make every visit to the service area or campsite easier.

Recommended prices:

  • €489.99 (DriveCam 76)
  • €589.99 (CamperCam 795)

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