Elisabeth Borne: this former president she wants to talk to

Elisabeth Borne: this former president she wants to talk to

Elisabeth Borne may be Emmanuel Macron’s right-hand woman since May 16, but she is not closing doors just by rubbing shoulders with the pillars of the government and Macroni. Indeed, last Monday, November 28, it was revealed Parisian, the prime minister has shared lunch with Nicolas Sarkozy, founder of the Republicans. Le Figaro then on Sunday, December 4, she reported that she now he wants to meet François Hollandeformer president of the Socialist Republic.

“I met my predecessors. It is important, when you are in a position like I am, to listen to those who have experience. Including the Presidents of the Republic”Elisabeth Borne estimated in the columns of our colleagues. “I will also have the opportunity to meet Francois Hollande. All those who have experience in managing the state, it is important to listen to what they tell us”, added the prime minister with an explanation. However, the entourage of the person concerned stated that Figaro there is none “has not received any invitations yet”.

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A meal with Nicolas Sarkozy that lasted more than an hour

As for the meeting organized by Elisabeth Borne and Nicolas Sarkozy, just a week ago, it would have taken place that way in the music pavilion, in the gardens of the Hôtel de Matignon. The meal would take more than an hour, but neither the exact purpose of this meeting nor the nature of the conversation was disclosed. On the other hand, a member of the executive branch reminded Parisianthat he is the prime minister “it’s not just there to do everyday work” stating that she “she has not forgotten that she is also the leader of the majority”. “And, if he wants to count on the future, he better be on good terms with Sarkozy”, described in detail by this anonymous source.

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