everything you need to know to make the right choice!

everything you need to know to make the right choice!

The used market has colors! From January to September 2022, 50,418 used campers were sold, twice as many as new models. By buying a used one right away, you will surely be able to get out quickly and enjoy the motor home on sunny days. For the new model, on the other hand, you have to be patient… very patient! In addition, a recently used vehicle is almost “reassuring”: we know, for example, that the small problems inherent in “off the line” vehicles were solved by the previous owner. finally, on paper, savings can normally be expected !

1. Argus and the purchase price

As the years go by, and like cars, motorhomes, vans and vans lose their value: we’re talking about discounting. They are accepted to lose 20% of their value in the first year, 15% in the 2nd and 3rd year and 5% per year thereafter. The age is important because it refers to the argus (or official used list) which is available for example on the websites of specialized magazines. It is even possible to calculate a personalized rating for your vehicle: a paid service. in all cases, the rating of a recreational vehicle should be considered not as an absolute truth, but as a basis for discussion. This is even more true as the Covid pandemic has completely disrupted the market. Used models are bought at almost exorbitant prices.

Don't jump into getting a van or camper with a flower in your gun…
Don’t jump into getting a van or camper with a flower in your gun…© Etruscan

2. Why are used campers overpriced?

The prison and the Covid crisis have intensified the craze for the camper, which is seen as a “safety bubble”. Vanlife has become hyper trendy, creating new customer profiles. And manufacturers are struggling to meet this strong demand. Especially since they’ve been facing a carrier shortage for months. There is a famous proverb: when demand exceeds supply, prices rise. This is true for the used market. Vans and vans, highly sought after, are the rarest to find. And in any case, they are highly overrated. The best deals are found on the side of aerodynamic cells, even integral ones, which today have fewer followers.

3. Focus your research well

That is an important prerequisite. Clarify your expectations through the questions you will ask yourself. How long will you be on board most of the time? For what types of “trips”: short, long, distant, in all seasons, to the sea or to the mountains? Do you plan to perform activities that require large amounts of storage? Where will the leisure vehicle be parked outside of the period of use? Are you limited by body length, overall height? What type of bedding do you want: permanent or non-permanent, transverse, French-style or even a pull-down bed?

4. Buy from a professional or an individual?

By choosing an “individual” box, you can talk to the owner, take advantage of his user experience and tour the vehicle with him. Opting for a professional has other benefits. In dealerships, used lots are often well stocked. It’s not uncommon to fall in love with a model you wouldn’t have thought of. finally, with professionals, vehicles are inspected, even overhauled, and often come with a warranty. So many elements to consider.

Buy from a professional or an individual?  Weigh the pros and cons before shooting
Buy from a professional or an individual? Weigh the pros and cons before shooting© Silverstone Auctions

5. Check the condition of the mechanics

The truck is above all a carrier! Mileage is of course an element to consider. However, it is important to check the condition of the mechanics in all cases. Ask to lift the hood and monitor for any leaks or leaks. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to look at the condition of the universal joint boots, exhaust and tires.. You can ask to start the engine or even test drive the vehicle and ask the salesperson about the following costs to consider. Please note that the official website of Histovec records the history of the vehicle: it is possible to request a report on the desired camper from the seller.

6. Control the exterior and interior

After the mount and motor, it’s time to inspect the cell. It’s easiest to start from the outside: find scratches, possible traces of knocks or repairs. a careful inspection of the interior of the cell is equally important: all traces of mold must be found, signs of defective seals. And ensure that all equipment on board, such as the fridge, water pumps, combined heating/hot water, electric motors (for example, for folding beds) and lighting points are working properly.

7. Check the administration section

If you are buying from a person you do not know, it is better to be careful in certain points. So, make sure that:

  • The registration certificate is in the seller’s name
  • The serial number on the owner’s papers matches the one at home on the motorcycle
  • The seller provides you with an up-to-date maintenance book and maintenance invoices

In the case of a vehicle older than four years, you need a MOT of less than 6 months. You can also ask the dealer for annual leak test reports, which manufacturers require for warranty validity.

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