French cars are returning to Morocco

French cars are returning to Morocco

After months of travel restrictions, motor vehicle activities are resuming in Morocco. Friendly atmosphere, climate, art of living and tourism, purchasing power, French professionals in the sector are full of praise for the kingdom, expressing joy at the return to normality.

According to tour operators, motorhome enthusiasts are returning to Morocco this winter. Two years of health measures on both sides of the Mediterranean caused a break in the transition. But since the situation has improved, it applies

This year is back to normal, Viajes Normandie agency announced. “Almost like before Covid. We are again offering crossings between Spain and Morocco, with an open return. The Tarifa-Tangier or Algeciras-Ceuta ferries are therefore back in operation, she explained.

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“It seems that you can buy open tickets again (without a return date) and you only need an up-to-date health pass,” indicated the caravan owners, accustomed to traveling to Morocco (Editor’s note: a health pass is no longer required to return to Morocco ). Another interviewee, Patrick Thellier, founder of Thellier Voyages: “I’m following the group next week. Send me a message, I’ll let you know how it goes. »

For this continuation of the crossing, tour operators specializing in campers offer round trip deals. This is the case of the French agency Orcada, which organizes New Year’s Eve in Morocco, and Cap Latitude a group trip in February.

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