From an idea to a company, training that makes a school

From an idea to a company, training that makes a school

They have gnaque. They are in their final year of BBA at EDHEC on the Nice campus (which means Bachelor of Business Administration, i.e. a +4 degree in business school) and have chosen the “Entrepreneurship” option to develop an idea, concept or even start their own business. In the 2022-23 promotion, seven projects are drawn from the hat. In pairs, threes or fours, these are students who form a team ready to jump into the deep end of entrepreneurship. “From September to December, we prepare them. Growth strategy, finance, marketing, law, team cohesion, follow the complete program. It is very dense and they are very invested.” Dominique Serio teaches social law at this BBA. A former lawyer, she provides more than legal advice and coaches them until the day of the “big oral” in front of an expert jury.

The situation

Their presentation is on a level, there is almost no stress, the courts are well polished. All you have to do is raise funds to start the business. Each team has fifteen minutes to discuss the goal, concept, market, competition, business model, communication plan, traffic forecast and development prospects.
This is followed by a fifteen-minute session of questions from the present entrepreneurs and investors. Fabien Vella, founder of NoMad CoWorking in Vence, Eric Bonneau, former entrepreneur abroad, Yohan Aimard, co-founder of Rise Partners – innovation consulting specialist and investor, Gaëlle Gonzalez de l’Ouvre-boite (startup support in Nice) took an interest in every project. Ecotourism in Belize (Yellow Lemon), a top fish burger restaurant (Chez ThonThon), an apartment search platform for students (Sherloc’Home), a digital offer of personalized tourist activities for hotels (Pappy), and they gave some tips.
“Working on the DNA of the brand”, “focusing on your skills without over-expanding”, “not forgetting the loss leader”… So we talked about work in every goodness and projects go, it seems – he, they arise. Please note that this is the fifth year that EDHEC has offered this option and the result is here. This program spawned the companies SmartEar in Valbonne (manufacturer of headbands and processors for the hearing impaired), MyKeeper in Châteauneuf-Grasse (anti-attack and burglar alarm for schools), Ici les Artisans (a selection of artisanal products). and many others.

The story doesn’t say who invested in which project at the end of the field, but… We present you three. As one of the students of the Class of 2022 would say “You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to start a tech business.”
Of course!


Timothé, Léon and Ralph presented their ultra-design connected bracelet, without screen, without waves, without battery and without charging that digitizes, contains, stores and protects your data. IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards, gym memberships… And that even lets you lock your vehicle. Strong, durable material that deactivates if broken. In the long run, it will be enough to give the bracelet to a pharmacy, hospital or police… and only the information that these organizations will need will be transmitted.


“Concentrate on your customers, K-BIR will take care of the rest.” The slogan was found for Hédi, Solène and Angelina who offers “360° advice, at a not exorbitant monthly fee (contrary to what we see today), to help companies take the next step. Companies that aren’t necessarily in Tech.” K-BIR even imagined a whole K-ampus in which it would be good to live and grow, where we would give advice to both the local craftsman who wants to refine his image and the VSE who wants to present himself or struggles to recruit. “67% of entrepreneurs give up their project after three years. We want to be present, through recognized freelance experts, so that the adventure continues”.


We are in the square. It sure is. A square like a QR code, which in this case will allow you to order, personalize and pay for a meal in a restaurant. “What do we offer? Saving time for the customer, better turnover rate for the restaurateur.” Francesco, Tristan, Nikolas and Noah know the terrain by heart, they even planned to invest 50,000 euros in the adventure because the market is already reacting. They did the research. Moreover, the solution exists abroad. QR code on the table, software in the kitchen and everything is simplified, right down to ordering bread, a jug of water, at the touch of a button. “A new way of consuming in restaurants, that’s our concept. With a CSR dimension for deepening.”


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