Fuel: a check for 100 euros for 10 million “modest” French people

Fuel: a check for 100 euros for 10 million "modest" French people

The fuel discount expires on December 31. The measure, which will apply to half of French households, was presented by the prime minister.


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Un check to redeem rebate. This Wednesday, December 7, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on RTL’s microphone the establishment of a fuel allowance of 100 euros for the 10 million poorest French from the beginning of 2023.

“We will arrange a fuel allowance for modest French people who need a car to go to work, so that it is 100 euros for about half of the households, it represents a discount of about 10 cents per liter” at the pump, the head of government said on RTL. According to Elisabeth Borne, this device will have an envelope of around one billion euros.

“We are maintaining a device to protect modest French people who need a car to go to work by tightening this device,” she summarized. The French concerned will have to go to the website impots.gouv.fr, enter their tax number and their license plate, complete an “affidavit” stating that they need a car to go to work, in order to receive this 100 euros on their bank account.

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Assistance extended to two-wheelers

It is a one-time aid payment, for 2023, which will apply to half of the households, i.e. those in the “first five deciles” of income. A modest couple who work and own two cars will be able to use two grants, i.e. 200 euros. This assistance applies to any type of vehicle, including two-wheelers. The government also expects that employers will support employees by doubling the transport premium from 200 to 400 euros, we specify in Matignon.

As for an unemployed person who “needs to move to look for work”, he can seek help from Pôle emploi, the Prime Minister said. The state extended the rebate of 30 cents per liter at the pump until mid-November, to drop to 10 cents by the end of the year. The government wanted to replace this discount with more targeted measures.

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The leader of the Republican deputies, Olivier Marleix, assessed for Europe 1 that this aid was “less effective” than the rebate at the pump and that it was “only (from) restitution to the French of their taxation”. And “we would like the state to return a little more tax,” he added. “We are the first with taxation. There is VAT, there is TICPE which was increased in 2018 by Emmanuel Macron. »

It is a “good announcement” for Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS, but this aid “does not concern all French people”, such as the unemployed or pensioners, and “we could have done it very differently” by taxing, for example, super profits. “So much better,” commented France Inter MP leader Boris Vallaud, who, however, “still prefers (increasing) wages to checks and bonuses.”

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