“Further Investigation”. Qatar 2022: French scandal?

"Further Investigation".  Qatar 2022: French scandal?

Who would believe that? In a few weeks, a country as big as Corsica will launch its World Cup in the middle of winter, below 30°C, in air-conditioned stadiums! In fans’ memory, we’ve never seen that. Accusations of corruption and serious violations of human rights are added to the ecological aberration. But despite calls for a boycott, more than a million supporters are expected in Doha, three billion in front of their televisions. But how the hell did Qatar pull it off?

“Complément d’Enquête” tells you how Doha brought home the Cup thanks to its best friend… France. Back to December 2, 2010: to everyone’s surprise, FIFA announced the selection, at the expense of the United States, the heavy favorite. Nine days earlier, in Paris, the vote would change. On the occasion of a simple lunch at the Elisej House. At the table, President Sarkozy, the heir to the throne of Qatar and Michel Platini. What happened that day? Why did the powerful head of UEFA, who supported the American bid, change his mind?

Sale of PSG, contracts… would there be any consideration?

“Further investigation” into this meal that doesn’t go through. The sale of PSG, gold contracts, corruption: would there be a counterpart? In collaboration with the Investigative Cell of Radio France, “Complément d’Enquête” relies on exclusive documents and unique testimonies to decipher these dangerous connections. What close ties still unite the two countries today? What is the exact role of French companies in this World Cup in Qatar?

From the construction site to the Hotel des Bleus, the “Complément d’Enquête” managed to infiltrate the small hands working in the shadows. Revelations.

Research conducted by Pierre-Stéphane Fort and Nicolas Bellot for TV Presse/StudioFact.

In red armchairs: Jacques Vendroux, a journalist.

The editors of “Complément d’Enquête” invite you to comment on the program at Facebook Or on Twitter with the hashtag #ComplementDenquete.

> Reruns of France Télévisions news are available on the Franceinfo website and its mobile app (iOS and Android), “Magazines” section.

– Work Foul play, FIFA corruption and the Qatari plot to buy the World Cupby Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert (in English).

– Amnesty International report “Qatar. Security agents subjected to forced labour” (April 2022).

– NGO Business & Human Rights Resource Center report “Verified: Abuse of Migrant Workers in Qatar’s World Cup Luxury Hotels” on hotels in Doha (in English).

Incomplete list.

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