gourmet and relaxing stay in a cocoon a few kilometers from Strasbourg

gourmet and relaxing stay in a cocoon a few kilometers from Strasbourg

After this long year of 2022, our bruised bodies dream of only one thing: to crawl into a bubbling jacuzzi, to stretch out in a comfortable bed overlooking snowy landscapes or even to drink wine and food. quality. If you drooled a little while reading these few lines, know that your dream can come true… Indeed, Høtel 48° Nord, a cocoon of pleasure and well-being located a few kilometers from Strasbourg, has taken on the colors of winter and offers an unforgettable stay in the Scandinavian ambience. And since it’s almost Christmas, we’ve even got you a promotional code, which you’ll discover at the end of the article.

Waking up facing the rising sun, drinking hot tea in a private jacuzzi, enjoying a gourmet meal in an exceptional restaurant… A classic day at Hotel 48° Nord. In this little paradise located in Breitenbach, every detail has been designed with love to pamper those who come there.

The philosophy of the place? the hygge, the Danish art of living, which consists of relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life. With its 100% organic and local restaurant, private Scandinavian hotels with refined design and superior services, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life just a few kilometers from Strasbourg.

But this year, in addition to accommodation and kitchen, which we will tell you in more detail in the video below, Hotel 48° Nord offers a very nice novelty: a wine cellar!

The big news of the year: a magnificent wine cellar

When the wine cellar door is opened, the delicious smell of old stones and wood reaches our nostrils. Opened this year and built in Grès des Vosges, the wine cellar hides more than 6,000 bottles… all from an area of ​​no more than 48 km around the hotel. Each reference has been carefully selected byhotel team.

The specialty here is local wines (between Alsace and Outre-Rhin), but above all organic, biodynamic and natural wines. And in order to discover them and enjoy them properly, a large table is placed in the middle of the basement, for tastings and friendly wine evenings.

It remains adapted to your wishes

In order to take advantage of this great novelty, as well as many other attractions of this place, Høtel 48° Nord offers, to pamper loved ones on Christmas, various gift boxes.

Do you want to leave everything behind to spend a romantic night in the middle of nature? Do you want to leave the madness of everyday life and offer yourself a moment just for yourself? Several winter stays are possible, depending on your wishes: either for one night, a whole weekend, with or without a jacuzzi, or even simply to use excellent restaurant, now open every night of the week.

And not to spoil anything, we found a little promo code to spoil your loved ones with this great 100% local gift: from November 25th to December 28th at midnight, 10% off all boxes with the code JUL2022! To discover all the gift boxes, it’s here.

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Phone: 0367500005
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