He swore. Four months suspended for Chancia camp whistleblower

He swore.  Four months suspended for Chancia camp whistleblower

At the hearing on Friday, October 7, the public prosecutor highlighted the increasingly frequent violence against the police. Behaviors that are simply “unacceptable… and that trigger increasingly severe penalties.”

The behavior of this 38-year-old man from Territoire de Belfort on August 6 in Saint-Claude.

The accused did not “remember too much” of the facts

On vacation at Camp Chancia, this professional zinc worker came to spend a few days of rest. And faced with the noise pollution it was creating, a security guard had to intervene to calm people down. But this intervention had the opposite effect on this man who appeared before the court in Lons-le-Saunier.

He did not remember “too many” facts there. Only that the handcuffs put on him by the gendarmes, who came to arrest him, were too tight. So on the way to the hospital he unleashed a barrage of insults and even tried to headbutt one of the Sanclaudio gendarmes.

A gesture that will bring him a suspended prison sentence of four months, as well as a fine of 1,000 euros.

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