Here is the best city in Europe for a cheap weekend – Edition du soir Ouest-France

Here is the best city in Europe for a cheap weekend - Edition du soir Ouest-France

In 2022, inflation and the energy crisis cut into the budget of the French. And at the end of the year, the online travel comparator Omio ranked the cheapest European cities for low-budget vacations. And the Spanish city of Granada is in first place.

Map: Western France (Map: Western France)

Traveling without breaking the bank is possible, provided you know where to go. After 2022 marked by record inflation and an energy crisis that has driven up the cost of living, the French want to save money. Vacations, which can be a big expense, can sometimes be sacrificed. But for those who would still like to go beyond the borders in 2023, it is possible to escape for a low price. And for that, the city of Granada, in the south of Spain, is the best available option, according to the ranking compiled by the online travel comparator Omio.

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This list was reported by specialized media air journalhighlights the most economical cities on the continent to go on vacation, which are among “The most popular destinations and cities in Europe”, says Omio. The number of free activities, museums and tourist sites, affordable excursions and guided tours, the price of fast food, a meal for two, the number of fountains, the price of beer, the price of transport, the number of free Wi-Fi connections… The site sifted through a large number of criteria to measure these European cities.

112 free activities

In Granada, a public transport ticket for 24 hours costs 1.40 euros. A price that defies any competition among the cities listed in the ranking list. According to Omi, it costs 7.50 euros for a day trip to Bruges (Belgium) and 25 euros to use the transport network of Venice in Italy! Based on information shared on TripAdvisor, Omio has listed 112 possible free activities in Granada.

“Among them, the biggest symbol of the city: the Alhambra”, underlines the platform. The Alhambra Palace has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. The fortified complex, which dates back to the Muslim presence in Spain from the 8th to the 15th centuries, dominates the Andalusian city. “Entrance to his museum is free and it is one of ten museums in the city that is accessible without tickets”more details Omio.

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Lively nightlife

“That is not the only interestnotes the media devoted to French expatriates A small newspaper . It’s a city where the average price of a bottled beer is €2.50, and its lively nightlife with 86 bars and clubs is available cheaply during the holidays.”. See also, “the watchtowers of San Nicolas and San Miguel Alto, the district of Albaicin and Sacromonte, for their troglodyte houses”suggests the magazine Geo .

“On-site, plan an on-site budget of at least €97 per day per person”advises page ofWestern France specialized in travel, He’s leaving. This estimate is based on the prospect of staying for two in a 3-star hotel, planning to pay for two meals and a transportation ticket each day.

It is not the only city in Spain that is well positioned in this ranking of the cheapest attractive European cities. Valencia, Seville and Malaga, fourth, eighth and ninth, are also among the top ten ranked destinations.

Ranking of the cheapest European cities according to the Omio travel website:

1. Granada, Spain.

2. Bruges, Belgium.

3. Venice, Italy.

4. Valencia, Spain.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland.

6. Innsbruck, Austria.

7. Cambridge, England.

8. Seville, Spain.

9. Málaga, Spain.

10. Florence, Italy.

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